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Safeguard Your Home against Burglars

Home burglary can cause serious trauma to you and your family. It shatters the idea that your home is the safest place to be on the planet. Complicated home-security systems are very expensive and cannot guarantee that your house is safe all the time. However, you can discourage thieves to enter your home without having to break your savings. Here are some tips on inexpensive and simple ways to safeguard your home against intruders.

Make sure that your house is well-lighted at night. Burglars tend to steer clear of well-lighted houses since it increases the probability of being seen and identified from afar. Have two outdoor lamps on your front door just to make sure that the front door will not be dark in case one blows out. If you have extra money, install flood lights than can detect motion. This will automatically put the burglar on a spotlight when he attempts to break-in your home.

Do keep your valuables from plain sight. Displaying all your hard-earned possessions by the window will most certainly invite burglars into your home. Store highly valuable and irreplacable items in unlikely places like cookie jars, food freezers and flour bins. Burglars will usually look around on familiar storage areas like under the beds, underwear drawers and closets.

Reasses all your door locks at home. Door locks are often flimsy and can be easily be smashed open. It would be better if you install deadbolts on every door entrance. Also remember that secure door locks will mean nothing if the doors are hollow or a glass window is right beside the door. Make sure there is no way to open the door other than releasing the locks.


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