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Skin Diving Tips

Skin diving is a great underwater activity and a viable alternatie to scuba diving especially if you haven’t applied for a license. However, skin diving is just as risky and dangerous as scuba diving. Here are some tips for a more safe and enjoyable skin diving experience.

For starters, make sure that you are a good swimmer. Practice on your community pool or nearby beach if you have to.

Learn to equalize the pressure in your ears. This will prove very useful since pressure levels are different as you go deeper into the water.

Have a medical check up if you wish to pursue skin diving as a regular sport. Do not attempt to dive if you have any ear, nose or throat sickness.

Always have at least one companion with you. Follow the one-up-one-down buddy system. Make sure that someone is watching the other as he dives deep into the water.

Avoid wearing goggles and ear plugs. Ear plugs can cause damage to your ear drums while goggles can injure your eyes as the water pushes them against your eyes.

Avoid stagnant or polluted water to prevent yourself from acwuiring skin, ear, eye or gastrointestinal infection.


One Response to “Skin Diving Tips”

  • I’ve always been fascinated by scuba diving. I always wanted to try it, but I never found a friend to join me. Skin diving sounds also great. Thanks for the tips and pieces of advice. I’ll take them into account when (or if) I’ll find a companion.

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