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Sort Out Clutter

If you’re like most people, your home is filled with clutter. And your garage is filled with junk and boxes. So is your attic. And your basement. Ever noticed that if you have moved, that you have boxes that remain unopened from your previous abode? All they’ve been doing is taking up space. Here are some ideas to sort out your clutter.

How old are your stuff? As some organizing gurus would say, if you haven’t touched a thing in three months, you probably have no use for it. Most of the time this is true. So if you do have stuff that you haven’t used in a long while, consider disposing of them (whether through a garage sale, donation or eBay).

Take inventory. Take a detailed inventory of the stuff that you have at home. Classify them based on “keep,” “throw out” and “not sure.”  Most stuff will inevitable be classified as “not sure” but don’t worry. You can still evaluate them based on other factors such as…

Future use. Has it ever happened to you that you suddenly have a need for something that’s magically stored in one of the boxes in your attic? Those would probably be very rare occurrences so the first tip would probably hold. However, if your plans for the future would most likely involve using them. Say, I considered disposing of my old college textbooks when I graduated but since I planned to teach eventually, I kept them. I still use them today.

Consider space. You might be the sentimental type  who considers everything a memorabilia for every event in your life. However, think of how much space your home actually has to allow you to keep them. If it would impede how you function at home, consider disposing of them.


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