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Spice Up Your Bath

Spices can not only give flavor to your food but can also provide an extra something to your bath. Whether it may be for relaxation or relief from muscle pains, spices can give the special bath you need.

To prepare a spice bath, choose one type of spice and place it in a net or cloth bag. You can either toss the bag in the tub or hang on the faucet as the water fills the tub. Here are some choices for herbs and spices according to the desired purpose.

For relief of sore muscles and joints, choose sassafras, wintergreen or lavender for your spice bath. Adding parsley, safe, rosemary or basil can relieve you from any itchiness that you feel.

To get you stimulated and refreshed for the new day ahead, add lovage, mint, rosemary, sage, orange, pine and thyme to your early-morning bath. At the end of the day, however, you would want something soothing and tranquilizing. After spending the whole day at work, relax with your special spice bath of either chamomile, sandalwood, lavender, marjoram, marigold or mint.

Lastly, to counteract the effects of fatigue or stress, pine sage or fir with a cup of cider vinegar will do wonders to your bath.


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