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The Camping Checklist

Going camping with family and friends? To ensure your comfort, safety and success of your camping trip, check out our camping checklist.

Always start wih the basics. Run through all the basic necessities of the camping trip to see if you have left anything behind. Make sure you have enough sleeping bags, camp stoves and food. Remember to pack extra food provisions and water purification deviceor tablets in case an emerency happens. You don’t want to be caught too hungry on a supposed fun trip. Bring tents that can fit not only all campers but your things as well.

All campers should also be prepared for any weather conditions of the campsite. Have an all-weather blanket with you so that you can be warm even on a downpour. A thermal sleeping pad can also help in withstanding unusual cold weather especially at night time. Take a waterproof tarpaulin with you as well. This can provide an extra roof over your heads should it rain hard on your camping trip.

Since you’ll be venturing to a campsite, there is a big possibility for weak mobile phone reception at the camping site. In case of emergency, be sure to have battery-powered radios, signal mirrors, and rescue whistles with you. Flashlights with extra batteries are always a must for camping trips. Damp-proof matches will come in handy if you need to build a fire to ward off animals or signal other campers or camp officials

If you are unfamiliar with the place, bring along a compass or a GPS. And of course for health purposes, have a travel medicine kit ready.


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