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Things to Consider Before Owning a Pet

Having a pet for a companion is truly joyous experience. Pets are known to be very loyal and playful and sometimes, they even contribue positively to the owner’s well-being. But before you rush to the pet store, here are some things to consider if you are really ready and able to own a pet.

Size of the pet vs the size of the home. Do keep in mind that puppies and kittens grow up to become big dogs and cats and rather faster too compared to humans. Consider the size of the pet when he/she matures. If you have a house with a fenced lawn, you can house any pet of any size. However, you should think twice if you only live in a small flat since your would-be pet will not have enough tail-wagging space.

Total costs of keeping a pet. Ask yourself if you can shoulder all the expenses that comes with a new pet, which includes food, water, shelter, immunizations and grooming. You’ll be also spending a lot of time with your pet since he/she needs love and attention too. If you are running low on funds or running on a hectic routine, maybe you should think twice before choosing a pet or change your lifestyle all together.

Make pet ownership a family decision. Consider the input of the rest of the family and don’t rely on your opinion alone. Find out if there’s anyone in your family who is prone or can develop animal fur allergies. Survey everyone on their most preferred pet and stick with the consensus. Everyone will appreciate the pet more if each one is involved in the decision process.


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