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Tips for Headphone and Stereo Headsets

Headphones and headsets make listening to music much more accessible even when we are busy with our daily routines. However, much care and caution should be considered while engrossed in the music we are listening. Here are some tips on headphones, headsets and their use.

Opt for open-air headsets as these can allow you to hear the sound from “outside” the headsets.

Try on headsets and headphones first before buying them. Make sure that these rests comfortably on your ears with no uneasiness even after an hour of wearing them. Consult the manfacturer’s warrnty or the store’s exchange policy if you find your headsets or headphones to be uncomfortable after a long period of wearing them.

Even if you can hear the outside noise, don’t turn the volume up to the maximum level. This is dangerous since your attention is fixated on the sounds and not on your surroundings. High sound volumes can damage your hearing as well. As a general rule, if the person next to you can hear the music you’re listening, the volume is way too loud.

If you like to listen to music until you fall asleep, invest on headphone and audio players that have sleep timers or can automatically shut-off.


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