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Tips for Non-custodial Parents

Separation and divorce will certainly change the way things are run in the house. Suddenly, both parents would have to formulate their own parenting style separately since the other will not be physically present with them at all times. This will be difficult for the non-custodial parent in a sense that the absence in between visits might affect his/her relationship with the child. Here are some reminders for non-custodial parents.

Visit your child frequently. Once a week is a standard minimum so that the child would not feel that you have left him completely.

Make sure that your child feel at home at your new place. Store toys, clothes and personal toiletries and set aside a space for him, whether an extra room or a special corner in the living room. Allow your child to subscribe to a magazine that will be mailed to your residents. The general idea is to make your child feel that he can establish another home with you.

As much as possible, reinforce the same house rules of the custodial parent’s house. The second home should be seen as an extension of their main home and not a completely separate living space. This will also prevent any inconsistencies in parenting the child. To avoid any misunderstandings, meet with your ex-partner and agree on a basic set of house rules for the child to follow.

More importantly, maximize the time provided for child visits. Avoid turning them over to his grandparents or your new partner. Remember that these few moments were granted so that you can still maintain a good relationship with your child. Use them accordingly.


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