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Tips on a More Refreshing Bath or Shower

Baths and showers always provide a luxurious, soothing and energizing feeling. It can bring you warmth in winter and coolness in summer. It can ease your senses after a long tiring day or jumpstart your body for another day ahead. When properly planned, baths and showers can gie you just what you need. Here are some tips in making the most out of your bath or shower.

Opt for morning showers and evening baths. Showers usually more invigorating than baths. This can be attributed to the temperature consistency. Part of your body is exposed to air while the other part is touched by cool or warm water. Baths, on the other hand, are more calming. Being partly submersed in water will make your limbs slightly buoyant causing a drop in muscle tension. Also, the reclining posture will make you more relaxed and rested.

Check the temperature of the water before your bath. When the heater is turned on, water can reach a scorching temperature of 62.8 degrees Celsius. Use your elbows to test the tap water. Elbows are more sensitive to heat as compared to your hands and feet.

Your bath can help you in your regular exfoliation routine. Before you reach for your loofah or pumice stone, stay in the bath or shower for a few more minutes. This extra minutes can soften the dead skin on your feet, elbows and other parts of your body. Once you rub the softened dead skin off, rinse well and apply body lotion.

Coupling massage therapy with bath can help people suffering from arthrities, muscle injuries, skin maladies and poor circulation. People with heart conditions should be cautious on the water temperature of their bath. Very hot baths can make the blood vessels near the skin’s surface to expand because of the heat which in turn lowers blood pressure.


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