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Tips on Buying Shoes

Shoes may make or break your outfit but it should never harm your feet. The perfect pair of shoes should also provide you comfort throughout the day. Here are some tips on buying a new pair of shoes.

Buy shoes late in the afternoon. At this time of the day, your feet are a bit swollen. You are sure you’ll be getting the perfect size since you know that it can adjust well from day till night.

Choose shoes that is on the squarish side. Squarish shoes allow your feet to spread out and your toes will have enough wiggle room. Remember that half of the body’s weight rests on the heel, a third on the big toe area and the rest on the little toe area. Having shoes with narrow toe area squeezes all tows together reducing balance while standing and walking.

Limit heel size to two inches. Heels provide arch support which is also perfect for maintaining good posture. Shoes with heels higher than two inches will cause bunions and corns. You will alo be more prone to knee, back and hip problems since the weigh of your body is centered at the balls of the feet.

Get shoes with sufficient cushioning. These will make walking more comfortable since the cushioning serves as a shock and pressure absorber. Make sure that you try the shoes in both hard and carpeted floors. Sometimes the carpeted flors of shoe shops will contribute to the false sense of comfort of the shoes.


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