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Tips on Car Safety Seats

Traveling by car with infants, toddlers or children are not an easy task. Seatbelts are not enough to secure the safety of the young ones especially even on bumpy roads, sharp turns and near accidents. Because of these hazards, car safety seats are invented to ensure the safety of your children whereever you go. However, not all cars and safety seats are created equal. Here are some tips on care safety seats.

Acquire a car safety seat even if the baby is not yet born. A safety seat should be available on the very first car ride of an infant. Hospitals usually provide car safety seats to their pregnant patients. These free car sfety seats are either free or purchased at a lower cost. If your hospital does not have this service, buy a car safety seat immediately before your infant’s first car ride home.

When canvassing safety seats, bring your car and your child along to test the possible candidates. Or better yet, ask the salesperson if you can return the safety seat if your child cannot fit into the safety seat or he is not comfortable while seated on it. Make sure that the car seat that you’ll buy is appropriate to your child’s height and weight and can accommodate thick coats and other clothes.

When out buying a new car, bring the safety seat with you. Opt for cars that allow provisions for your baby safety seats. If you are going to rent a car, call in advance if there are car models that adjust to the car safety seat. Don’t ever force the safety seat to the car and vice versa.

Remember this seating arrangement for your child: always have your child seated at the back seat. Infants less than a year old should face backward while older babies and toddlers are seated forward to avoid motion sickness. Have at least one other adult seated at the back to watch over the child.


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