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Tips on Carrying A/V Equipment


Cameras, camcorders and other A/V equipment are delightful to own but a chore to carry around. Here are some tips on carrying your A/V equipment around.

Opt for a backpack rather than the other bag types. Backpacks distribute the weight of the back on both shoulders and the back if it has a waist strap. You will barely feel the weight of your camera or camcorder on you back pack as opposed to shoulder bags.

If you lose you camera case, you can replace it with an old cassette tape case. It can also hold other things inside like batteries, cables and memory cards. You can stuff some cloth or handkercheifs inside for makeshift cushioning. Your improvised camera bag can also be placed inside your checked-in luggage or carry-on bag without taking too much room.

Invest in a photographers vest if you plan to do a lot of photography along with your other outdor activities. It will help you store your small photography euquipment and you will not waste any time rummaging through your bag to get one small item.

Have a waterproof bag with you if you plan to have a photography or video shoot together with outdoor water activities like fishing and swimming. A resealable plastic bag is okay for the little point and shoot cameras. A coffee can with a lid can also be used for medium to big sized equipment even if it is still inside the bag.


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