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Tips on Insect Prevention

Insects and other pests brings germs and bacteria everywhere they go. Also, their bites can cause serious itching and infection. It can be difficult to get rid of them completely but you can prevent them from going near you and all the things you come in contact with. Here are some tips on preventing insects and pests.

Bees are common in areas where there are fruit trees, flowers, clover or food. Be careful when passing through these areas as they can attack you any moment. Bees are most rampant during summer or after rainstorms.

The clothes that you wear can either attract or repel insects to you. Insects are drawn to clothing with bright colors and prints. Other products such as perfumes, hair spray, scented lotions and soaps, and aftershave can also attract insects to your direction. Try to avoid these when outdoors. Always wear shoes especially when walking in rass to avoid any unwanted bites and stings.

You can also prevent insects from going near your some by building a barrier of sand or concrete around the house. Some plants are also known for repeling insects effectively. Placing a stand of tansy near doors and windows help drive away mosquitoes and prevent them from comming inside the house. Basil, when placed in windowboxes or the patio can also keep biting bugs at bay.

Sweet liquids like juice and soda can bring in wasps and other stinging insects. Avoid keeping these drinks open or if possible, cover the cups and use straws to drink them instead.


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