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Tips on Protecting your Children

As parents, your number one duty is to protect and safeguard your children. Unfortunately, there are a lot of evil doers in society which means parents should double the effort and time in watching over the children. Here are some tips and reminders to consider when ensuring the children’s safety.

Do not leave your children unattended in any public place. Also avoid leaving them in the car even if the doors are locked and you got the keys with you.

When you plan to enroll your children in a day care center or school, check their policy regarding pick up when the school hours or day care services are over for the day. Children should be released only to their parents and recognized guardians. Ask the school to also phone you to confirm if you child is really absent from school.

Always be involved in your children’s activities. Make sure that you know and are familiar with his friends and friends’ parents . Knowing the parents of your child’s friends can make it easier for you to establish a network of extended guardians if you are really not available on a certain day. Just be sure to return the favor when they need someone to watch over their children.

Teach your children to never go with a stranger for anything. Even if the stranger asks for help in looking for a “lost pet,” your child should refuse and stay away. This may be rude and impolite but it can prove to be the best protection for your child against sudden kidnapping.


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