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Tips on Storing Left-overs

Most cooks would agree that it is better to overestimate than to underestimate the amount of food to prepare. After all, it’s an unpleasurable experience to run out of food especially at a party or a special meal with family and friends. However, taking care of left over food can be a challenge. Here are some tips on left-over food storage.

Transfer cooked food to clean, shallow containers. Ensure that the lid is tightly in its place and store in the refrigerator immediately. Warm food invites bacteria growth. They can double in number in just 20 minutes if food remains warm.

Opt for clear containers so that you can easily determine the contents when you open the the refrigerator door. More often, food will spoil inside the refrigerator because people have completely forgotten that they have them in the first place. Also, food should only be refrigerated for only a few days. These should be completely consummed within this time frame.

Have separate containers for stuffing, sauces, and spreads. These tend to spoil at a different rate than meat, poultry and other dishes. At least, you would have spared the other food in contact from spoiling if they ever spoil. At the same time, you can have extra stuffing if ever the meat got spoiled first.

As painful as this sounds, discard food that already smells and looks weird. These are significant signs that the food is already spoiled. Remember too that food that causes food poisoning doesn’t have to appear different from other clean and safe foods. Follow this general tip: when in doubt, better ditch it.


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