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Tips on Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can give you sharp and clear sight without the heaviness and fashion constraint that eyeglasses give. But contact lenses should be handled with utmost care since they are on your ee for most of the time. Here are some tips on wearing contact lenses.

  • Avoid using oily soaps or hard creams before touching your lenses.
  • Consult your physician if your eyes are red, sore or irritated for more than 24 hours. It could be possible that you have an infection or a scratched cornea
  • Don’t use saliva to moisten or clean your lenses. Use the cleanser specially formulated for your contact lenses. Ask our optometrist for the best cleaning solution for your contact lenses.
  • Disposable contact lenses should no be used for more than 6 consecutive days. Always clean them for each day of use and make sure that your doctor knows that you are using them.
  • Do not wear soft contact lenses that are already torn and/or dirty.
  • Replace soft contact lenses every 18-24 months if they are worn everyday. Extended-wear lenses should be replaced every 6-9 months.
  • Check if you tinted lenses are approved by the FDA before wearing them. You’ll be certain that the dye will not leak if they are checked by the proper authorities.

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