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Traveling in Large Groups

As the old cliche goes, the more the merrier. This also holds true even while traveling. Not only will you get to enjoy the new sights around you, but you can also take pleasure in the large company that you are with, whether they may be work colleagues, friends or extended relatives. Of course traveling with a large group can also have its challenges and pitfalls. Here are some tips on traveling in lare groups to ensure a successful vacation.

Meet together before the vacation and agree on a rough itinerary. If your vacation’s only for a few days, decide on a prioriy list of all the tourist spots and activities that you should see and do. This will ensure that all of you will get to see all the places that you plan to visit in the first place.

Book your tickets and hotel reservations early. The idea is for all of you to travel as one big cohesive unit. It will be pretty disorienting if one has a latter flight than the others or if someone will be staying in a hotel that is a few blocks away from the majority. It will be difficult to coordinate with everyone if you have to always wait for an outlier. To ensure that everyone will be traveling on the same time and staying in the same place, book everything as early as possible. You might even score a substantial discount as an added bonus.

Consider pooling in an amount of money for your meal pot. This will be the money used when eating in restaurants where menus come in group meals and large ala carte dishes. All of you will not have to worry on how to divide the expenses equally and who should pay for a particular share. This can also be used to buy snacks for everyone in between meals. It can also come in handy in foreign trips since most of you might not have change in that particular currency to divide the price of the meal equally.

Allot around two to three hours or individual sight seeing and shopping. Not everyone would want to shop for the same thing at the same stall at the same time. Just decide on an exact meeing time and spot and let everyone roam around to their their own personal thing.


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