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Watering House Plants

A simple indoor garden can instantly provide a face-lift to any house. But you need to take care and water them with the same time and effort as an outdoor garden. Try these tips on watering your house plants.

Water from fresh fishwater tanks can make great fertilizer. If you have a fresh water aquarium, it’s better to give the used fresh water to your plants rather than throwing it away.

Flat soda is also good for both indoor and outdoor plants because of the minerals it contains. Pour your left-over flat soda over your plants rather than the drain.

Set aside the water used for cooking spaghetti, potatoes and eggs. The starch from the spaghetti and potatoes is perfect for your house plants. Water used in cooking eggs are packed with micerals which can stimulate the plant growth.

Gather melted snow or rain and use them to water your plants.

Place your plants together rather than separating them at the far corners of your home. Grouped plants will create their own moist environment.


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