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Windows 7: Restore Google Chrome Settings After Crash


One funny thing happened to me yesterday. I had one of those (rare) blue screen of death crashes on my Windows 7 machine. Happened randomly but I guess it was thanks to a faulty USB modem driver. Anyway, after I restarted and launched my Google Chrome browser, I noticed that all my settings and extensions vanished. Uh-oh. Good thing there’s this solution, I’m sharing with you.

1. Launch Windows Explorer

2. Navigate to C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalGoogleChrome

3. Right-click on the User Data folder

4. Select Properties

5. Go to the Previous Versions tab

6. Select a version that’s before the crash happened

7. Click the Restore button

8. Wait for Windows to restore the folder

9. Launch Chrome again. You might have lost some activity but at least the Bookmarks and Extensions will be back.


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