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Windows Tip: Bulk Change File Extension in Windows 7

File management in Windows has gone a long way. Now you can drag and drop and shift or control drag and drop, use keyboard shortcuts or do a combination of right and left-clicks to manipulate files. However, there are times when the Windows GUI would leave you stumped on how to manage certain things. Bulk or mass changing file extensions for example.

Say you have a folder of files and you’d like to change their file extensions for whatever reason. Windows doesn’t let you do that right out of the box. But if you’re familiar with the old command line, this should be easy.

Shift+Right Click on the folder that contains the files the extensions of which you’d like to change. This will add options to the context menu such as the “Open command window here” option. Select that.

This will bring up the command line with the prompt exactly pointed to the folder containing files. To change the extensions, use the following command: ren *.jpg *.gif then hit Enter.

This should change all the .jpg files to .gif files in the folder. If you’re handling other file types just change the extensions. The first is to identify which extensions are to be changed and the second is the new extension to change them to.


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