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Working in Bursts

Have you ever observed how you work? You get paid for 8 hours in a typical workday but do you actually work for all of those 8? Straight? I don’t think so. There’s just too many things that can distract you when you decide to be in the zone even for a couple of hours.

Even management manuals peg the actual available productive time at 70% of a workday, at best, thanks to the usual office interruptions (wee breaks, administrative tasks, phone calls, etc..). That’s not even factoring in outright slacking off.

Still, even if you’ve tried working for all of those hours straight, you might notice that you feel burnt out by the end of it. It’s because you’re both using your physical and focus wills to continue working.

Work is typically done in intervals so why not try working in bursts, say 30 to 1 hour stretches. You can take a five- to ten-minute breather. This can also help you avoid getting eye-strain and other work-related repetitive stress injuries.

Some may scoff at this technique since those “breather” minutes add up to a good hour of “wasted” time in the workday. Sure, people may still get paid by the hour but in today’s workplace, it’s your output that really counts.

Spending short bursts concentrated on work will eventually add up to the delivery.


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