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Turn Your Bad Days to Good Ones

Everybody has bad days. Once or twice a week is usually the normal count. But when your days start going from bad to worse, then the problem could be you. Some people say that happiness is a choice — that it is within your control. Following this principle, it means we can make our life more satisfying if we allow for a few adjustments. Do you want to try this? These suggestions might help.

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Coping with Menopause

Women go through an inevitable stage of menopause when they stop having monthly menstrual cycle. This usually occurs at the age of 45-55 with the following common symptoms: no menstrual period for the last 12 months without surgical / biological cause, sudden changes in your menstrual pattern, hot flashes, dryness in the vaginal area, sudden and extreme mood swings, inability to focus or concentrate, and thinning hair.

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How to Cope with Unattractiveness

There’s a lot of fuss over fashion and beauty that sometimes it seems like it’s the only thing that matters. But we’re forgetting the timeless teaching that the inside is more important than the outside. People have a standard on what’s glamorous and what’s ugly and the basis is usually what is promoted by pop culture. And if unfortunately you are categorized outside the gorgeous group, you’ll have to remember these facts:

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How to Deal with a Controlling Partner

Among the most complicated relationship problems is having to deal with a controlling partner. Not so long ago, you used to have time with friends and for yourself. You used to have fun with other people and you used to be less uptight. Now you can’t even come home late without fighting about it. Now you had to ask permission when you’re spending a day with the boys.

Could it be that you’re in manipulative relationship?

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How to Fight the Negative Effects of Peer Pressure

Everyone goes through peer pressure at some point in their life. It’s inevitable that some of our friends will influence our lifestyle, and our opinions. And although the influence we can get can be both good and bad, peer pressure is usually seen as negative because it tends to sway us into what would otherwise be our decision.

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More Tips on Moving on After a Bad Break-up

Ah, the pain of a break up! You’ve throwing a lot of things in your house, and you’ve been missing phone calls, and probably skipping your meals too. Every one goes through the same destructive process of moving on – well some of us, at least. Depression due to a bad break up feels like there’s no tomorrow, doesn’t it? And indeed you’ll never see the light of day again unless you start going out again.

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Healthy Skin Makes You Look Younger

Don’t you just hate it when people lie about their age? People lie about their age for various reasons. But basically they lie about their age because they want to make people believe they’re younger than how old they actually are. But you have to take note that there will always be tell-tale signs like wrinkles and crow’s feet. Then again, healthy skin can make you look younger.

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Productivity: Regaining Passion for Your Work

Thinking about quitting your job? Interested about searching for greener pastures? I hear you. Most of us come to a point where we daydream about submitting our resignation papers and our bosses will beg us to come back. But when in reality, none of your applications ever call back, it seems like you’re stuck with your job for good. How does one cope with this realization?

You might think it a joke, but if this happens to you, one thing you can do to improve the situation is to make mental adjustments. And that means forcing yourself to be passionate about work again.

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