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How to Be Sincere when Apologizing

The word sorry is believed to be the hardest thing to say. And I believe that. I for one would always struggle when it comes to making apologies and excusing myself. When I make a mistake, I hesitate to apologize because it hurts my pride to admit that I’m wrong. But then if I don’t say sorry I’d feel more miserable because I know I’m wrong and I’m not acting mature about my actions.

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How to Achieve a Happier Mood Everyday

You have always heard the motto, “celebrate life”. And even though you try to live by it sometimes, something always goes wrong, because that’s how life is. Such problems could render us depressed, frustrated and maybe a bit angry at how life is. Knowing how to bounce back from a crisis will determine your chances at happiness. Help yourself become more cheerful about life.

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More Ways to Fight Aging Naturally

Every year, it gets more and more difficult to celebrate our birthdays. It was different when we were teens, when we couldn’t wait to grow up. But now, growing up means growing old. And when it’s that time of the year when we have to add another year in our lives, how we wish we can just roll it backwards. Or, when we watch too much Hollywood, we start thinking about getting a boob job or some nip-tuck.

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How to Be More Giving


In our world today, all hard-working people who are aiming for success knows that the best way to achieve goals is to be self-serving – making sure that you know your needs and that you meet it and you work overtime to have more than you what you need at the moment. And sometimes we become so preoccupied with our own needs that we have no time to attend to other people’s needs.

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Workplace Watch: Rising Above the Usual Work Issues

Work is not always stressful. What I mean to say is that sometimes it is we who create our own problems in the workplace. It is not always the case that we are stressed by unreasonable deadlines, boss’ impossible expectations, or unnerving colleagues. Sometimes the problem is our inability to rise above the usual work issues.

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