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Making Yourself Useful

Happy business people laughing against white backgroundIn any company for the most part, you always have a chance that they will decide to let you go, and your job as an employee is to find ways to make it so you are in a position that they would have a hard time replacing you.

This can be anything from taking over a project so that you are the expert in a certain area of the company, be it dealing with computers or with clients.

Some other things you can do include implementing new strategies, or finding new roles you can fulfill in the company. Notice something that is not organized effectively, take some time and organize it, as knowing where things are can show initiative, and put you in a position where others come to you for information and advice.

Most of you probably believe one of two thing, either that they need you and will not fire you, or that you don’t have the power to put yourself in a position where they actually need you.

Well, for the first group that think you are invincible, have there been other people doing what you now do? If so, then there are also people waiting after you for your job. Connect with people in the company, and learn all you can. Knowledge can be power, and also an eye opener. While you should never become afraid, you should also never be overconfident.

The people in the second group, that think they are in too low of a position to really wrap yourself in the company. You would be surprised how little it takes. A few good ideas, and some extra time and effort invested and you will no doubt see yourself either moving up in the corporate ladder, or finding things that are your responsibility, that make you more of a keystone in the company.’

Again, making yourself useful in a company can take time and effort that are not listed in your jobs duties, but even the smallest things can reap major rewards. Also, don’t forget to try to learn as much as you can about the company you are in, as companies are more about the social aspect than people would like to believe, and being social can give you control, and power in a company you may feel powerless in.

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Finding the Perfect Career

careerDevWhen you attend a local job fair you’ll easily see that most companies are trying to lure new employees with a high salary and important benefits such as a healthy retirement plan or medical care. As a result, job seekers usually sign up with companies where they can gain the greatest financial reward or the most benefits. But are these the only criteria for a great career? Here are some things you should consider before signing that employment contract:

What are you good at?

List down your top ten skills. Include what you think you’re good at and what other people say that you’re good at. Give special attention to skills and talents that you feel are you’re best. Make sure to limit the list to something that most people you know cannot do, or at least they can’t do it as easily as you do. Think of the classes where you got the highest grades, as well as any special awards that you’ve gotten during your school years. While you shouldn’t limit your ideas of a perfect career on what you’re naturally good at, listing your inborn talents is a good way to start looking.

What are you passionate about?

Everybody is passionate about something. Even if you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, you should take the time to find out. You can start with your hobbies or interests or the little mundane things you do that really makes you feel inspired. Take note of which things or topics make you more curious or inspired. Whether it’s reading a good book, cooking a meal, or playing with your pets “the simplest interests can give you a hint on what kind of career you’ll love. It also helps to write a list of the things that spark your interest and think of potential careers based on that list.

What paying positions are available?

Whenever you’re planning to take on a new career, your practical side tells you to choose a career path that will pay the bills. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a substantial trust fund, you should definitely consider a career that will at least be able to supply you with your basic financial needs. If you can’t find something you love that will also give you the minimum amount of income you need, think of creative ways in which you can monetize your passions. For example, a painter can find design work or commissioned work from interior decorators or graphic design companies. Likewise, a writer can make a living from writing advertising copy or articles for magazines. If you can’t find a paying position that will give you the amount of creative freedom and growth that you want, you can work on alternatives while trying to figure out how to make a living from doing what you really want.

Simply put, the perfect career is not about getting the highest position, the best office, or the biggest salary. It’s about finding a balance in the three things that were mentioned earlier: something you’re good at, something you’re passionate about, and something that can reward you financially. Finding the perfect career can take years (or even decades). The important thing is to keep looking until you find it.

Business Email Mistakes to Avoid

It’s weird that, in today’s world of Twitter and Facebook, people still don’t seem to have a good grasp of emails. It’s bad enough that people mess things up with personal emails but it’s worse when people do it in their business emails where things could go more horrible wrong with more grotesque consequences. Here are some mistakes to avoid when writing business emails.

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Spouses as Business Partners

A family-owned business can make or break a marriage since this can bring all the benefits and the stress of a business to you and your spouse. As the only owners of the business, all the profit earned will be kept within the family. However, overcoming all the hurdles, difficulties and the tension of maintaining the business will rest on both of your shoulders. Here are some tips and reminders on spouses as business partners so you can enjoy the benefits of the business with less of the headaches.

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