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Making Yourself Useful

In any company for the most part, you always have a chance that they will decide to let you go, and your job as an employee is to find ways to make it so you are in a position that they would have a hard time replacing you. This can be anything from taking over a project so that you …Continue reading →

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Finding the Perfect Career

When you attend a local job fair you’ll easily see that most companies are trying to lure new employees with a high salary and important benefits such as a healthy retirement plan or medical care. As a result, job seekers usually sign up with companies where they can gain the greatest financial reward or the most benefits. But are these …Continue reading →

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Business Email Mistakes to Avoid

It’s weird that, in today’s world of Twitter and Facebook, people still don’t seem to have a good grasp of emails. It’s bad enough that people mess things up with personal emails but it’s worse when people do it in their business emails where things could go more horrible wrong with more grotesque consequences. Here are some mistakes to avoid …Continue reading →

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Managing Time Spent on Emails

One of the time traps at work is emails. People spend so much time checking emails that it is recognized as one of the top interruptions and distractions at work. Precious focus and schedules have been thrown off by this nasty habit of constantly checking emails.

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Spouses as Business Partners

A family-owned business can make or break a marriage since this can bring all the benefits and the stress of a business to you and your spouse. As the only owners of the business, all the profit earned will be kept within the family. However, overcoming all the hurdles, difficulties and the tension of maintaining the business will rest on …Continue reading →

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How to Arrange for Business Lunch or Dinner

Here are tips on how to do business lunches or dinner:

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Going Back to Work

Here are some tips on how to get back on track after a long period of unemployment:

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Starting a Home-Based Business

Here are some tips on how to start a home-based business:

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Eating Healthy on Business Trips

Here are some tips on how to eat healthily when you’re on a business trip:

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Improving Management Skills

Here are some tips on how to be better managers:

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