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3 Tips to be More Casual with Clients

You always hear the principle, “business is business”. And we all know better than to be personal when it comes to anything professional. But then there are customers these days who are looking for more than just a negotiation, and sometimes a little informality is what it takes to close a deal. Find the right formula of personality and business, …Continue reading →

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3 Ways to Boost Your Compensation

Who can say no to a fat paycheck? We are all waiting for that raise which can pay all our monthly dues and still leave enough extra for weekend shopping. As a matter of fact, a higher salary is one of the biggest considerations every time we’re looking to transfer to another job. Problem is, employers want to save up …Continue reading →

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How to Start Marketing

The success of selling a product requires a lot of business strategy. And among these strategies is a thorough market research which can determine your target market. What things do you have to include in your research and where do you go from there?

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Empower Your Staff with these Seven Steps

As a new manager, this may be new to you. Back when you were just a staff, you were just nodding your head at everything your old boss said. But now that you’re the boss, you have to know how to be a better boss.

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How Does Work Stress You Out?

People have different reasons for stress. It could be family, health, or finances. Still, for a lot of people, their work is the number one cause of stress. And it probably is, because of the following reasons.

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How to Be a Lovable Boss

Being a lovable boss does not mean you should give out bonuses every week or pass over violations of company policies. But it does require very difficult values such as fairness, sense of discipline, and an abundant supply of patience. If you’re new to this position of power and accountability, here are tips which can help you do your work …Continue reading →

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How to Find a Mentor

Ah, to be young and ambitious! We study hard and then we work long hours just so we can ensure that a few years after, we can have the comfortable life we want with everything in it–money, career, and a good retirement plan.

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How to Avoid Conflicts with People in the Office

Your office is full of butt-heads. So what? All of us have our own insufferable officemates whom we just want to do bad things to. But since violence is not a decent option, we, as professionals are expected to deal with difficult people “professionally”. And how to do just that? Let’s all try these tricks on the people we loathe.

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Get More Jobs to Earn More

Recently, there have been news of companies closing down. And it has become alarming because the companies closing down are relatively big and established. And so we cannot really help but get jumpy on how this mishap can affect our lives. Needless to say, our jobs are crucial to our sustenance. And some of us have even been more clever …Continue reading →

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4 Tips on Smart Business Travel

Some people dream of a job that takes them places. Such a job indeed seems ideal–you see the world and you get paid for it, what could be better? But for people who actually have this kind of job, they might tell you that always being on the road is not as easy. Often, it’s even stressful and hectic, to …Continue reading →

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