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Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs in the US


Now here’s an interesting bit. features the top ten highest paying jobs in the US according to the Department of Labor. Take note that in the actual list, eight out of the top ten are actually careers in the medical field. To narrow things down, they’ve taken the liberty to diversify the fields in the top 10, consolidating the medical field into just one spot.

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Down to the Unemployment Line: Sun to Trim Down by Next Year

Not good news for Sun employees. Sun plans to hand out $100 to $150 million in severances according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. No word yet on how many employees will be affected but it’s definite that Sun will be trimming down it’s 34,219 strong workforce.

Sun executives decided to make the cuts despite announcing impressive earnings last week. Sun reported on July 30 that it had made a profit of $329 million for its most recent fiscal quarter, a striking rebound from the company’s performance in the same period last year, when it lost $301 million.

Since Sun’s not stating which group in particular will be affected, I guess that would leave many praying for job security(or perhaps they already know). I could just imagine the stress their people are going through now. While the IT job market still presents many opportunities, being laid off is just a bad experience. Unemployment is tough phase to go through for every professional.

Achieving profit targets still rely on two options – increasing sales and reducing costs. Too bad Sun’s now focusing on the latter.

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In the News: NFL Lensmen Will Still Don Ad Vests


Whew. We couldn’t just count the ways advertisements can bombard us, huh? I’m just waiting for the time when we’ll have a Minority Report-ish personalized advertising everywhere we go. Or probably some Futurama stuff, where we get advertisements in dreams. But I guess, for now, we’ll just have to content ourselves with ad placements on electronic media and physical space. And that includes NFL photographers.

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Food for Thought: So What’s a Company?

Web Company

Teaching college students business communication required me to dedicate a huge part of the discussion tackling workplace cultures and socio-cultural contexts. I teach in a state university that’s not known for developing the student’s business sense so it took me some extra weeks and a lot of effort to give students’ a glimpse of how the corporate machinery works.

Halfway through the course and hindsight prompted me to ask what’s with business and companies nowadays anyway? This becomes an interesting question especially when you factor in all the dotcoms and Web 2.0 startups. Does a one-man blogging outfit constitute as a company?

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Sales Tip: Concentrate Accomplishing on Smaller Goals


Clinching a sale can be a real challenge. If you’re new to sales, it’s important to remember that it clinching a sale in one go is more of luck. Consistency is really the key. However, consistency also relies on taking smaller steps to be able to finally seal the deal. While the idea of always gunning big is attractive, winning smaller battles leaves little to chance.

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School Requires PowerPoint Presentations for Applications

I missed this bit since my news feeds are the most abundant in my feed reader. It’s already a few days old but still, I think it’s an important issue to discuss.

The business school of the University of Chicago is now requiring applicants to submit PowerPoint presentations together with their applications according to a report from ABC. Now isn’t that something now that one of the top business schools is now factoring in tech savvy for admissions?

Oh well. Let’s face it, PowerPoint (or similar presentation software) is probably the weapon of choice for corporate presentations. And there have been more than a fair share of lackluster presentations that plagued a conference room. I guess, they’re putting a bit more premium to the other soft skills. I, for one, has used a bit of my PowerPoint savvy to weasel my way out of a report with lackluster content through stunning visuals.

By adding PowerPoint to its application, Chicago thinks it might attract more students who have the kind of cleverness that can really pay off in business, and fewer of the technocrat types who sometimes give the program a bad name.

Now talk about stereotypes. So are they now encouraging geeks to try business out? But I doubt if PowerPoint would be the geek’s primary weapon of choice. Perhaps a bit of Flash presentations should be in order. However, it is quite encouraging that business academe has started to acknowledge technology as a real driver in today’s business.

Business Writing Tip: Stick to Necessary Facts


My business communications class is now moving on to letter writing after a month or so of discussing organization, context and culture. Our latest lesson was developing the main thought in their writing. For me, the best way you can support any of your claims is through cold facts. However, you just have to be cautious in selecting which facts help you to achieve your purpose.

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