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Customizing the Look of Your Backpack

Here are some tips on how to customize your schoolbags:

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Save Money from Buying Old Stock

Food and medicine aside, buying old stock can land you some really old savings. I have always been a fan of clearance and end-of-season sales. They’re practically the store’s last attempt to get rid of some old stock. However, even with their “everything must go” signs, some stores don’t usually get rid of everything and they even might have some in stock. Sure they’re a bit old, but hey, warranty spans are often started at the date of purchase. So ask if the store has any and ask for a discount.

This is even possible via phone orders. Let catalogs weather out for three months first then call them up and ask for the stuff that you like. Ask for a discount since the products are to be phased out anyway. While not a guarantee, you might get lucky and have some amount shaved off the price.

Unless there’s an introductory price offer, it’s actually a good option to buy some of the old stuff they got hanging around in the back room.