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Traveling and Charging Electronics

Here are some tips on how to charge your electronics when you are traveling:

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Access Twitter via Nintendo DS

As far as gadgets go, I prefer to segment mine so that I minimize getting redundant functions. I have my trusted lappie to work with everywhere I go. My mobile phone’s primary function is still for calls and SMS. I have my prosumer camera to take snapshots (I always considered mobile phone pics crummy). And I have my Nintendo DS (amazingly) as my gaming device, organizer, ebook reader, and media player (via homebrew applications).

So yes, my Nintendo DS (Lite, actually) doubles up as my PDA and searching for some cool homebrew applications to install has been part of my routine at least twice a month. And would you look at that, Twitter on the DS via DSTwitter – another DS homebrew app. All you need is a card adapter for the DS (e.g. R4DS), a Wi-Fi connection, register and download DSTwitter, then run it on your DS.

Well, we just hope that someone translates this application since it’s only in Spanish right now. I don’t have any problems with it since I know a bit of Spanish to work things out. I have to admit though, while it is a welcome option, I still prefer Twitting via my mobile phone. If only they get to port Plurk for mobile.

Get DSTwitter here.

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Relationships: Dating and SMS


Like any other person in the room, you are inseparable with your cellphone; your gender doesn’t have anything to do with that. Gadgets are cool – ’nuff said. We love doing things the easy way and you have to admit that SMS or texting has made life so easy. Texting solves your problems: text when you’re late for a date, text when you can’t make it, text when you’re coming over, text when you’re canceling something, text when you need anything and text when you want a sumthin’ sumthin.

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How to Choose a Cell Phone Service Provider

Cell Phone

The last time, we put up this post on choosing a cell phone for you to buy so we decided to follow that up with this bit on choosing the service provider. As we’ve pointed out last time, that when shopping for a new phone you may consider the packages that service providers offer since they often have great deals (or even free phones) if you don’t mind being locked in to a contract with them. But how do you choose between the different providers out there? Read on.

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