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Where to shop for the best laptops in town?

The web is full of reviews and recommendations about the best price/quality laptops and rightfully so – getting it right is more confusing than ever. To make it easier to decide, choose which one of the three is you:   -       Business user -       Creative professional -       Light surfer As a Business user, I’m assuming you spend majority of your …Continue reading →

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Virtual Desktops Faster, Safer than VPNs

Remote access for professionals is a preeminent concern for many sectors of industry. Far more business is conducted on the road, and this need is making itself felt. The old standard for securely connecting to HQ becomes obsolete as operations become too unwieldy and complex to be conducted over limited bandwidth. A virtual private network (VPN) allows a secure connection …Continue reading →

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Windows 7: Restore Google Chrome Settings After Crash

One funny thing happened to me yesterday. I had one of those (rare) blue screen of death crashes on my Windows 7 machine. Happened randomly but I guess it was thanks to a faulty USB modem driver. Anyway, after I restarted and launched my Google Chrome browser, I noticed that all my settings and extensions vanished. Uh-oh. Good thing there’s …Continue reading →

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Download: Dropbox Linker

We haven’t really recommended applications for the past year since most of the one we recommended in the past are still the best apps out there and all they got were newer versions that made them better.

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Windows Tip: Bulk Change File Extension in Windows 7

File management in Windows has gone a long way. Now you can drag and drop and shift or control drag and drop, use keyboard shortcuts or do a combination of right and left-clicks to manipulate files. However, there are times when the Windows GUI would leave you stumped on how to manage certain things. Bulk or mass changing file extensions …Continue reading →

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Preventing Laptop Theft

How can you lose something as big as a laptop? Usually, the most reasonable explanation for losing it, is because some criminal forcibly took it from you. Otherwise you’re just plain careless. However, with the creativity of thieves today, you’d never know. usa online casinos, us online casinos, usa casinos, us casinos, usa online casino, us online casino, casino usa

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Tips for Headphone and Stereo Headsets

Headphones and headsets make listening to music much more accessible even when we are busy with our daily routines. However, much care and caution should be considered while engrossed in the music we are listening. Here are some tips on headphones, headsets and their use.

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Saving Computer Space

Even if your external hard drive can hold more than 1 TB of data, it can still be used up. Here are some tips on saving computer space.

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More on Effective Emails

Make sure to improve your email skills. Here are more tips on effective business communication via email.

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Effective Business Communication via Email

Sometimes, the workplace is such a pit of stupidly drafted emails that sorting through your inbox is a chore in itself. Don’t want to be part of it? Here are some tips on effective business communication via email.

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