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Download: Dropbox Linker

We haven’t really recommended applications for the past year since most of the one we recommended in the past are still the best apps out there and all they got were newer versions that made them better.

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Make Internet Browsing at Home Safe for Kids

The internet is the best thing next to the TV. Sometimes even better. The internet has unlimited information about everything under the sun. And with that readily available information, you might start wondering about how you can filter all that media so your child get only the good stuff.

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Download: Google Chrome

Oh my God! It’s here and it’s out to get us all! Run for your lives! Uhm, okay. I’m exaggerating. But Google’s latest move, is it really a bad thing? Well, if you have been living under the Internet rock for the past couple of days, then you might have missed the big announcement – Google will be launching Chrome. …Continue reading →

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Download: Slow Down Your Mouse Speed with Slowmousion

Ever had problems with mouse accuracy because of mouse motion speed. Used to have that in the days before optical mice and other pointing devices. I think I do encounter problems when handling click-accuracy reliant tasks like graphics and illustration (Probably why I’m buying a pen tab in the near future). While you can slow down your mouse speed via …Continue reading →

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Access Twitter via Nintendo DS

As far as gadgets go, I prefer to segment mine so that I minimize getting redundant functions. I have my trusted lappie to work with everywhere I go. My mobile phone’s primary function is still for calls and SMS. I have my prosumer camera to take snapshots (I always considered mobile phone pics crummy). And I have my Nintendo DS …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: Scramble Your Keystrokes with KeyScrambler

A must install when working on shared and public terminals (provided that you can install Firefox add-ons). Keyloggers often target web browsers since it’s that particular interface where a lot of user authentication happens. Well sure, some jealous husbands and wives install them to check whether their respective spouses are cheating on them but if you are ever so loyal, …Continue reading →

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Download: Encrypt Important Files with TrueCrypt

Speaking of sensitive data that you have in your computer. If you feel that you need some protection to your private files and data, then do encrypt them. Most of the time, when I hear about someone who got his/her laptop stolen, the first thing they worry about is the data. Only the expense and sentimental value of the laptop …Continue reading →

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Windows Tip: Vista Performance and Tuning Guide from Microsoft

Would you look at that? Microsoft suddenly came up with their own take on tweaking Windows Vista. As if we need their help now after all of this time all the other OS gurus have been helping us figure out a thing or two to make their darned OS do our bidding without flashing its Blue Screen of Death. Just …Continue reading →

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Download: PicLens 1.7

Quite some time ago, we featured Cooliris Previews as a must-have add-on for Firefox. Knowing what the linked page contains before actually clicking it does have its perks. From the same company comes PicLens – another browser add-on (though not just exclusively for FF, you can get with for IE and Safari) that redefines how you view popular websites. If …Continue reading →

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WordPress 2.5 is Out

Huzzah! After a few months of waiting, the next feature-packed WordPress is out! WordPress 2.5 codenamed Brecker is now available for download. As of now, I’m trying it our with my offline WordPress installation test site before I fully deploy it for my websites. But if what the release notes really deliver then I’d have to say kudos to the …Continue reading →

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