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Download: Dropbox Linker

We haven’t really recommended applications for the past year since most of the one we recommended in the past are still the best apps out there and all they got were newer versions that made them better.

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Download: Google Chrome

Oh my God! It’s here and it’s out to get us all! Run for your lives!

Uhm, okay. I’m exaggerating. But Google’s latest move, is it really a bad thing? Well, if you have been living under the Internet rock for the past couple of days, then you might have missed the big announcement – Google will be launching Chrome. And Chrome, ladies and gentlegeeks, is Google’s very own web browser. Yup, that’s Google’s way of kicking Mozilla in the nuts then saying FU to Internet Explorer. Safari and Opera are there to watch too.

To help us understand what’s the big deal with Chrome, Google was kind enough to make this comic that explains all the goodies Google engineers have packed into this thing.

A sort of run-down – a streamlined look that wouldn’t distract you from the page, an isolated “sandbox” (meaning each tab is its own app) to prevent one tab from crashing the other just in case something f-ed up happens, and a more powerful JavaScript engine for next generation web apps. This will also mean that the offline feature for many of Google’s services might just be a corner away. Imagine Google Docs running offline. Oooh, Microsoft will definitely feel that.

My take on it? Well, I have to update my take over a couple of days using it. It is streamlined and is quite a bit faster than my Firefox (probably because this doesn’t have any plug-ins load) and my Firefox has a lot running.

Too bad this baby is only available on Beta for Windows XP and Vista only.

Download Google Chrome here.

Download: Slow Down Your Mouse Speed with Slowmousion

Ever had problems with mouse accuracy because of mouse motion speed. Used to have that in the days before optical mice and other pointing devices. I think I do encounter problems when handling click-accuracy reliant tasks like graphics and illustration (Probably why I’m buying a pen tab in the near future).

While you can slow down your mouse speed via Windows’ Mouse options in Control Panel, it may be great if you can slow down the speed on the fly via keyboard hotkeys. Slowmousion is a free app that resides in your systems memory that allows you to control mouse motion speed via hotkeys. The hotkeys are then configurable from a set of options.

I can’t say that this would be the end-all-and-be-all for mouse speed control since it only slows down the mouse motion speed and doesn’t give you complete control over mouse speed. For Vista users, it’s even quicker to just type mouse in the Start Search bar to quickly gain access to the Mouse options.

Anyway, if you want to toy around with your mouse speed, then you can download Slowmousion here. Works with Windows from 2000 to Vista.

Via: FreewareGenius

Access Twitter via Nintendo DS

As far as gadgets go, I prefer to segment mine so that I minimize getting redundant functions. I have my trusted lappie to work with everywhere I go. My mobile phone’s primary function is still for calls and SMS. I have my prosumer camera to take snapshots (I always considered mobile phone pics crummy). And I have my Nintendo DS (amazingly) as my gaming device, organizer, ebook reader, and media player (via homebrew applications).

So yes, my Nintendo DS (Lite, actually) doubles up as my PDA and searching for some cool homebrew applications to install has been part of my routine at least twice a month. And would you look at that, Twitter on the DS via DSTwitter – another DS homebrew app. All you need is a card adapter for the DS (e.g. R4DS), a Wi-Fi connection, register and download DSTwitter, then run it on your DS.

Well, we just hope that someone translates this application since it’s only in Spanish right now. I don’t have any problems with it since I know a bit of Spanish to work things out. I have to admit though, while it is a welcome option, I still prefer Twitting via my mobile phone. If only they get to port Plurk for mobile.

Get DSTwitter here.

Via Mashable!

Firefox Quick Tip: Scramble Your Keystrokes with KeyScrambler

A must install when working on shared and public terminals (provided that you can install Firefox add-ons). Keyloggers often target web browsers since it’s that particular interface where a lot of user authentication happens. Well sure, some jealous husbands and wives install them to check whether their respective spouses are cheating on them but if you are ever so loyal, then you should be more concerned with keyloggers making records of your online transactions.

KeyScrambler is a Firefox add-on that scrambles your keystrokes in the kernel driver level then decrypts them at the browser level. Keyloggers often situate themselves somewhere in between these levels. With KeyScrambler, keyloggers would just record gibberish.

Download KeyScrambler Firefox add-on here.

There’s also an IE and Flock add-on available and there’s also the Premium and Professional that offers a chock-full more goodies like support for other browsers, password manager link-ups, online poker, and MS Office support. Visit their homepage for more info.

Download: Encrypt Important Files with TrueCrypt

Speaking of sensitive data that you have in your computer. If you feel that you need some protection to your private files and data, then do encrypt them. Most of the time, when I hear about someone who got his/her laptop stolen, the first thing they worry about is the data. Only the expense and sentimental value of the laptop comes second. I even heard of one story where the stolen laptop contained what could be the next “scandal” to be posted on the Internet.

While this will not deter the feds to pick through your data (in fact, it might only raise suspicion), this provides you a lot of security when it comes to your run-of-the-mill unauthorized access. And probably the most popular free encrypting software out there is TrueCrypt. I have personally been using it for quite some time now though I guess it’s only now that I get to feature it here.

TrueCrypt is a cross-platform (Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux) on-the-fly encryption software that allows you to create file containers (which act like your mountable ISO files for virtual drives) or even encrypt whole drives and disks (including removable USB storage devices), store files in them, that you can protect with a password and custom encryption algorithms that even versed hackers would frown upon.

What’s great about it is that you need not be a hardcore geek to use it. Creating virtual volumes or encrypting whole devices can be made through a step-by-step wizard. Each step is accompanied by very helpful information so be sure to read everything before proceeding.

To view contents of the encrypted virtual volume or device, all you have to do is mount it via TrueCrypt, provide the password, and you can treat the volume/device like any other storage. The program decrypts data real-time via memory so that you minimize digital footprints in your computer.

Download TrueCrypt here.

Windows Tip: Vista Performance and Tuning Guide from Microsoft

Would you look at that? Microsoft suddenly came up with their own take on tweaking Windows Vista. As if we need their help now after all of this time all the other OS gurus have been helping us figure out a thing or two to make their darned OS do our bidding without flashing its Blue Screen of Death.

Just a few days ago, they’ve released this 14-page guide to tune Windows Vista. It’s available as PDF and XPS and is free for download.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect in this document:

  • Making configuration changes that help a computer feel more responsive when you use it.
  • Using hardware to boost the actual physical speed of a computer.
  • Making configuration changes that help a computer to start faster.
  • Making the computer more reliable may help increase performance.
  • Monitoring performance occasionally so that you can stop problems before they get too big.

I’d have to admit that this guide is probably for the newbies to Windows. Experienced users might consider this a waste of time since most of the “tweaks” featured here are often part of routine set-up and maintenance.

Download Windows Vista Performance and Tuning Guide here.

Download: PicLens 1.7

PicLens Logo

Quite some time ago, we featured Cooliris Previews as a must-have add-on for Firefox. Knowing what the linked page contains before actually clicking it does have its perks. From the same company comes PicLens – another browser add-on (though not just exclusively for FF, you can get with for IE and Safari) that redefines how you view popular websites.

If you want that aero-feel to browsing web content, PicLens just gives you that. It gives you 3D browsing of photos and videos, say, in websites like YouTube and Flickr. New additions for the latest version are:

  • Shop Amazon – The 3D Wall transformed image search. Now PicLens launches online shopping into the 21st century. Browse and buy seamlessly just like window shopping!
  • Discover – MSNBC, ESPN, movie trailers…Get the latest news, photos, and video feeds.
  • Return to PicLens – An essential for playing with pictures: toggle in and out of your desktop, the browser, and PicLens!

Now if it could just be possible to view every site via this interesting app.

Download PicLens here.

WordPress 2.5 is Out

Huzzah! After a few months of waiting, the next feature-packed WordPress is out! WordPress 2.5 codenamed Brecker is now available for download. As of now, I’m trying it our with my offline WordPress installation test site before I fully deploy it for my websites. But if what the release notes really deliver then I’d have to say kudos to the WordPress gods. Just take note of these features. I’ll probably add a short review after I’m done testing.

  • Cleaner admin interface
  • Multi-file uploading
  • One-click plugin upgrades
  • Built-in galleries
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Salted passwords and cookie encryption
  • Media library
  • A WYSIWYG that doesn’t mess with your code
  • Concurrent post editing protection
  • Full-screen writing
  • Search that covers posts and pages.

You can view the screencast for the Release Candidate here.