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Tech News: Excel 2007 Fix Out But Hefty

As always, if it’s from Microsoft, it must have bugs. Reports have circulated that Excel isn’t good at math at all, missing out something as simple as 77.1 x 850. Instead of dishing out the pen-and-paper solvable arithmetic (the answer’s 65,535), it gives out the wrong answer (100,000). This happens on two instances, particularly: The result of the calculation is …Continue reading →

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Download: Microsoft Office 2007 Document Viewers

If you haven’t really been exposed to Microsoft Office 2007, then you still might not know of the new file formats that Word, PowerPoint and Excel use. They’re those file formats with “x” mysteriously added at the end (e.g. .doc of Word now is .docx by default). Don’t be fooled by this, though. Somehow the technology with documents are …Continue reading →

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Tech News: Windows XP SP3 to Feature Some Vista Goodies

I envy my friends who are still riding out the Vista wave, comfortable computing with their PCs and lappies still on XP. Quite honestly, save for one guy who’s running on a rig with a 5.7 Windows Experience Index, everyone’s doing just fine. Be it for daily office productivity, gaming, and the Internet, XP seems to be still good enough …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: Keep Tabs Permanent with PermaTabs

I just can’t wait for Firefox 3! Trying to pick some add-on stragglers that I haven’t featured here yet and still finding a few courtesy of my other favorite Firefox sites. If you’re just like most of us who keep tabs permanently open (I keep my two Gmail tabs and Google Reader), then PermaTabs should be a useful add-on. It …Continue reading →

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Download: Foxit Reader 2.2

Okay, so Adobe Reader is one bloated piece of software and it’s not the type that you can just lug around in a thumb drive. Remember when we featured Foxit reader to control PDFs and tabs better? Well, with the release of Foxit Reader 2.2, we just have to say that it is, by far, the best PDF reader out …Continue reading →

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Windows Tip: Find the Old Display Properties Options in Vista

Windows Vista changed a lot of things from XP making the new Vista user quite in the dark when it comes to finding features and options that he/she has gotten used to in older Windows versions. One such feature is the Display Properties. If you right-click on your desktop wallpaper, you might confused where that old Display Properties went. For …Continue reading →

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Newbie Computing: What to Do When Somethings Wrong with Your PC

You can’t always rely on those technical support guys because sometimes taking your PC to a computer store is just too much trouble. Remember these tips and reminders so that you’ll never have to depend on boys when your PC is having system errors.

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Show Your PC Some Love

You say it’s your best friend but by the looks of it, you don’t really know how to take good care of your PC. The only time it looked shiny was the day you bought it, and it was dusty ever since. Here are some basic cleaning and educating information on being a responsible PC owner. Here are some basic …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: Stumble without the StumbleUpon Toolbar

Firefox getting swamped with all the add-ons and toolbars? Then why not get rid of the StumbleUpon toolbar. If your primary use of StumbleUpon is that magical Stumble! button, then you might consider uninstalling the toolbar. While I love stumbling and voting myself. There are a lot of buttons and drop-downs that I don’t use at all. So what then, …Continue reading →

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Download: Get Vista’s Flip-3D Effect on XP

I won’t take it against anyone if he has decided to stand firm with Windows XP. Nearly four months into Windows Vista and I have yet to find a really good reason to convince someone to shift. Well, probably it’s because I’m running on Home Basic which really doesn’t have much to offer. I’d have to admit that one of …Continue reading →

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