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DIY: Bubble Mix

One of the most overpriced stuff you can buy in a toy store would be the bubble mix. Usually, they’re packaged with bubble blowers. In case you bought some for your kids, don’t throw it away once you run out of the mix. Just make your own. Here’s how.

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DIY: Papier-Mache Paste

Crafts can be fun for small kids and one of the classic activities you can do with them is creating papier-mache.  It’s a versatile crafts material. You can make a piñata or owls or dinosaurs. One of the key materials (aside from old newspaper) is the paste. Here’s how to make non-toxic and perfectly safe papier-mache paste.

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Removing Stickers

Quite a lot of stuff have stickers slapped on to them – whether labels or price tags. Now, if you’re planning to reuse them or just remove the unwanted eyesore, it can be quite tricky. Here are a few tips on how to remove stickers.

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DIY: Invisible Ink

Here’s something you can do to keep your kids amused – invisible ink. Sure, they can be found at joke shops, but doing it yourself can be part of the fun experience. Have them write secret message to their siblings or to you for a classic at-home spy game.

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Tips for Headphone and Stereo Headsets

Headphones and headsets make listening to music much more accessible even when we are busy with our daily routines. However, much care and caution should be considered while engrossed in the music we are listening. Here are some tips on headphones, headsets and their use.

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Tips on Carrying A/V Equipment

Cameras, camcorders and other A/V equipment are delightful to own but a chore to carry around. Here are some tips on carrying your A/V equipment around.

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Customizing the Look of Your Backpack

Here are some tips on how to customize your schoolbags:

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What to Do During Flight Layovers

Here are some tips on how to while away your time during a flight layover:

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Recycling Old Shoes

Don’t throw away old shoes. Check them first for damages and depending on the severity, you might find out that you can still recycle footwear.

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Improving Your Handwriting

Has your handwriting been a sore point in your otherwise perfectly impeccable skills set? No worries. Here are some suggestions on how to make your chicken scrawls more legible:

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