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Tips on Carrying A/V Equipment

Cameras, camcorders and other A/V equipment are delightful to own but a chore to carry around. Here are some tips on carrying your A/V equipment around.

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“Investing” on Electronic Gadgets

It has really been a while since I wrote a food for thought article here at LifeSpy. Since it’s the new year and we’re all in to bit the huge sh*t sandwich that is the economic crisis, let’s start talking about smart spending and pennypinching.

A lot of my friends got themselves the latest electronic gadgets during the holiday season – phones, media players, LCD TVs… And I’m sure there are quite a lot who tried to exploit the low-low bargains offered by stores in last year’s Black Friday sales.

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How to Earn from a Hobby: Photography


So there’s an artist in you after all. Ever since you bought that camera, the two of you are inseparable, and all you want to do is point and shoot. Photography is a pleasurable hobby. You walk about, and you look and you wait for a perfect moment which you can immortalize with a snap of your camera. If you have developed an eye for beauty, then why not turn it into something profitable? After all, photography is not a cheap hobby.

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How To Take Better Photographs

Want to take your photography to the next level? Kodak reveals 10 basic tips to help you take better photos. They are simple to remember, and useful for photographers at any level. Here are a few tips concerning lighting which I found really useful.

Watch the light

Next to the subject, the most important part of every picture is the light. It affects the appearance of everything you photograph. On a great-grandmother, bright sunlight from the side can enhance wrinkles. But the soft light of a cloudy day can subdue those same wrinkles. Don’t like the light on your subject? Then move yourself or your subject. For landscapes, try to take pictures early or late in the day when the light is orangish and rakes across the land.

Use flash outdoors

Bright sun can create unattractive deep facial shadows. Eliminate the shadows by using your flash to lighten the face. When taking people pictures on sunny days, turn your flash on. You may have a choice of fill-flash mode or full-flash mode. If the person is within five feet, use the fill-flash mode; beyond five feet, the full-power mode may be required. With a digital camera, use the picture display panel to review the results. On cloudy days, use the camera’s fill-flash mode if it has one. The flash will brighten up people’s faces and make them stand out. Also take a picture without the flash, because the soft light of overcast days sometimes gives quite pleasing results by itself.

Know your flash’s range

The number one flash mistake is taking pictures beyond the flash’s range. Why is this a mistake? Because pictures taken beyond the maximum flash range will be too dark. For many cameras, the maximum flash range is less than fifteen feet—about five steps away. What is your camera’s flash range? Look it up in your camera manual. Can’t find it? Then don’t take a chance. Position yourself so subjects are no farther than ten feet away.

The Kodak site even comes with Interactive Flash tutorials, so it’s certainly worth paying a visit to get the rest of the tips.