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Preventing Mosquitoes at Home

Nobody wants mosquitoes roaming around their homes. The mere sight of them can already irritate and annoy anyone. What’s worse, mosquitoes can also transmit serious diseases like West Nile virus, malaria and dengue fever. Unfortunately, you cannot completely get rid of all mosquitoes in your home but you can somehow minimize their population. Here are some tips in preventing mosquitoes at home.

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Dealing with Water Pollution

Nowadays, almost all our water sources contain pollutants — both natural and man made. You can buy bottled water to ensure the cleanliness of the water you drink but no one can’t possibly have your bath and cooking water outsourced without destroying one’s savings. Here are some tips on ensuring clean water for daily use.

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Managing Paper Clutter

Paper clutter is sch a tiresome chore to deal with. And you can’t just simply throw them away. You might end up losing a very important document at the time you need the most like an official receipt when claiming warranty. Here’s a list of papers that you should keep and you can throw away. A word of advice though, if you have one, shred all papers before putting them in the trash.

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Make an Effort for Cleaner Air


The air you breathe gives you more than just air. The air in the atmosphere has been outnumbered by chemicals, and other particulates that are not good for your health. Air pollution have caused death in many cases, and when it didn’t, it brought respiratory diseases. With the emissions of all the cars in the world plus smokes from the factories, how much more life can the air give?

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How to Collect Rainwater for Non-drinking Purposes

Rain Barrel

Back in the old days when the ozone layer didn’t really have a huge hole in it and acid rain was practically unheard of, rainwater was collected and used for drinking purposes. And no one really got sick. But today, with all the pollution, you can’t really use rainwater for drinking purposes or for personal purposes at that. But rainwater is something that you can use for other purposes such as cleaning your driveway and watering plants. It’s a great way to save on utility bills and conserving our fresh water supply.

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