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Kid Friendly Apps for Summer Road Trips

RoadTripTaking a road trip with children no longer has to be a test of one’s sanity. Thanks to the array of electronic inventions, parents have plenty of portable options for entertaining their tots. Apps let you pack a bevy of options from classic road trip games to traditional board games with interactive features—all without the added burden of packing more in your already cramped car. Give your summer road trip a makeover by opting for any or all of these mobile apps.

The Wheels on the Bus

No road trip would be the same without hearing this standard song. However, now you don’t have to embarrass yourself with subpar vocals. The Wheels on the Bus award winning app via iTunes was voted Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner by the Parents’ Choice Foundation, as well as the Best Children’s App at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Kids love the interactive feature of being able to record their voice along with the song, for an impromptu karaoke bar in the car. Meanwhile parents love the option to have several versions of the song sang aloud, including in Spanish and French. Teach your kids a bit about a foreign language while traveling to your next rest stop.


Little kids love balloons but parents hate the choking hazard, not to mention the sure-to-end-badly scenario of a balloon ready to pop. Give your child a treat with the Balloonimals, available on iPhone or iPod Touch. They’ll take turns blowing into the mobile microphone while inflating balloons. By shaking the mobile device, the balloons will be twisted in the shape of popular animals like green dinosaurs. The three-dimensional balloon animals come to life on the screen when you give them a tap or a shake. Keep inflating the balloons for a sudden explosion; no choking hazards or mess to be found.


Give yourself a break from pecking at your tablet or mobile device, and opt for the voice search on the DIRECTV phone app. Whether you are searching for a specific television show, such as “Sponge Bob Square Pants,” or you are browsing for a sports game to watch, this app takes the guesswork out of channel surfing. Signing up for DirecTV is very fast and you can unique deals are available using Save your energy for dealing with the kiddos, and add this app to your road trip arsenal for a major time, and sanity, saver.


Treat your kiddos to a frosty cone on your next road trip without worrying about sugar overload or brain freeze. The iPhone app Scoops lets kids practice their stacking skills as they collect scoops falling from the sky on their cone. Avoiding vegetables like onions is equally important, as no one wants an ice cream cone that’ll make them cry. Opt for this game when you need some quiet time while on the road. Scoops would also work well for keeping kids in check while you are waiting for a hot meal at a roadside diner.


Transform your iPhone into a wind instrument by blowing into your microphone while pressing the notes on the screen. The Ocarina will let your budding musicians create beautiful, and interesting, music as an alternative to the shrieks and shouts that typically come from the back seat. The app also comes equipped with song books that feature classics, such as Bach’s Ave Maria and the Mario Brothers Theme.

How to Reinforce Manners on your Kids

Most people especially the elderly are not too happy about impolite children. They will lecture your kid to no end even if they are straingers. Even teachers can have bias against children who do not show any manners to them during class. Don’t let your kid be the object of people’s frowns. Here are some tips on reinforcing manners on your kids.

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Making Your Home Elderly-friendly

elderly_friendly_homeAdjustments around the house should be made if ever an elderly relatives decides to visit or live with you. You have to make sure that the house is safe for them and that moving around inside the house will not be too tiring and bothersome. Fortunately, adjustments need not be drastic and extreme. Here are some tips on preparing your home for the elderly.

Have a quick run through of the house and see if there are possible hazards that needed to be dealt with similar to when you are childproofing. Lessen the clutter around the house and keep the pathways clear and wide to prevent any accidents from tripping and falling objects.

Keep the temperature amiable to everyone especially the elderly guests/residents. Older people often have reduced blood circulation and tend to stay put in one place. This makes them more susceptible to the cold even if the weather is not that nippy. Let the thermostat stay within 18.3 to 20 degrees Celsius. Also, make sure that blankets are readily available for their use.

Telephones should be within their reach whenever they need it. Install one beside their bed but do make it easy for them to disconnect the phone whenever they don’t want to be disturbed. Also, opt for phones that have programmable memory. Store all the important numbers such as police hotlines, doctor’s contact numbers, ambulance and other emergency contact details.

Put night lights in different corners of the room and make sure the main switches are easily recognizable. This will make it easier for the older people to walk around at night while others are fast asleep.

Travel Games for Kids

Kids tend to be exceptionally restless during flights, boat trips and road trips. No one could really blame them, though. Some of us would really be bored out of our wits if we sit in the same seat for hours and looking at the same scenery as they go by. Travel games can be a great way to keep everyone distracted from the dull and boring travel. Here are some ideas for travel games for the kids and the young at heart.

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Tips for Non-custodial Parents

Separation and divorce will certainly change the way things are run in the house. Suddenly, both parents would have to formulate their own parenting style separately since the other will not be physically present with them at all times. This will be difficult for the non-custodial parent in a sense that the absence in between visits might affect his/her relationship with the child. Here are some reminders for non-custodial parents.

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How to Deal with Children’s Fears

At a young age, children tend to be afraid of a wide variety of objects ranging including rabid animals, bullies to fictional monsters in the bedroom. Although it is certain that these fears will pass as they grow up, it doesn’t mean that parents and guardians should not address them. On the contrary, addressing these fears will not only make the fears disappear faster but also foster a good relationship between parents/guardians and the kids. Here are some tips on dealing with children’s fears.

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