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Kid Friendly Apps for Summer Road Trips

Taking a road trip with children no longer has to be a test of one’s sanity. Thanks to the array of electronic inventions, parents have plenty of portable options for entertaining their tots. Apps let you pack a bevy of options from classic road trip games to traditional board games with interactive features—all without the added burden of packing more …Continue reading →

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How to Reinforce Manners on your Kids

Most people especially the elderly are not too happy about impolite children. They will lecture your kid to no end even if they are straingers. Even teachers can have bias against children who do not show any manners to them during class. Don’t let your kid be the object of people’s frowns. Here are some tips on reinforcing manners on …Continue reading →

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Making Your Home Elderly-friendly

Adjustments around the house should be made if ever an elderly relatives decides to visit or live with you. You have to make sure that the house is safe for them and that moving around inside the house will not be too tiring and bothersome. Fortunately, adjustments need not be drastic and extreme. Here are some tips on preparing your home for …Continue reading →

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Heat a Baby Bottle

Babies don’t like their milk cold and they sure can’t take anything piping hot. Whether it’s stored breast milk or baby formula, you still have to warm their bottles.

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Travel Games for Kids

Kids tend to be exceptionally restless during flights, boat trips and road trips. No one could really blame them, though. Some of us would really be bored out of our wits if we sit in the same seat for hours and looking at the same scenery as they go by. Travel games can be a great way to keep everyone …Continue reading →

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Tips on Hiring a Babysitter

The decision to entrust one’s child to somebody else’s care aside from family and relatives is one of the most difficult decisions parents make. You really have to take time and scrutinize all the potential sitters to ensure that your child’s welfare and safety are secured. Here are some tips and reminders on hiring a sitter.

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Tips for Non-custodial Parents

Separation and divorce will certainly change the way things are run in the house. Suddenly, both parents would have to formulate their own parenting style separately since the other will not be physically present with them at all times. This will be difficult for the non-custodial parent in a sense that the absence in between visits might affect his/her relationship …Continue reading →

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How to Deal with Children’s Fears

At a young age, children tend to be afraid of a wide variety of objects ranging including rabid animals, bullies to fictional monsters in the bedroom. Although it is certain that these fears will pass as they grow up, it doesn’t mean that parents and guardians should not address them. On the contrary, addressing these fears will not only make …Continue reading →

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Tips on Protecting your Children

As parents, your number one duty is to protect and safeguard your children. Unfortunately, there are a lot of evil doers in society which means parents should double the effort and time in watching over the children. Here are some tips and reminders to consider when ensuring the children’s safety.

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Discipline Your Child

Disciplining children is one of the hardest things to do as a parent or guardian. Most of the time, you just want to shower your kids with all the love and attention but this will backfire if you turn a blind eye to their misdeeds. Here are some tips on reprimanding children.

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