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Tips on Spotting Quality Clothing

High-quality clothing should not vary among different age groups and gender. Kids’ sizes may be smaller, ladies’ wear may have more variety and men’s clothes may be pretty basic but the factors that contribute to the quality of the clothing are still the same. Here are some tips on spotting high-quality clothing for your next shopping trip.

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Office Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Just because not all of us are runway models does not mean we can’t express our selves through the clothes that we wear. Men and women can still strive to look and feel good regardless of profession. However, there are certain limitations that one should consider before she can reach for her favorite pumps. Here are some office wear dos and don’ts to think about before you rummage through your closet.

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Safe Use of Eye Make-up

All foreign particles can cause eye irritation.This is very true for eye make up since these are applied on all corners of the eye. It doesn’t matter whether you have a top of the line brand or a more affordable alternative. Mishandled eye makeup can surely spell serious eye infection for you. Here are some tips and reminders for safe use of eye make up.

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