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Is Bottled Water Safe?

So many of us have turned to drinking bottled water these days, it has an air of safety, and convenience, but the things you don’t know about bottled water might surprise you. Is all bottled water created equal? Just like Pepsi and Coke use different recipes for their brands of Cola, water distributors use different sources of water, as well …Continue reading →

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Sculpt Your Plan to Sculpt Your Body

Fitness – a word that evokes either joy or loathing. Exercise and a healthful, balanced diet are necessary for the human body to perform efficiently. No matter your present fitness level, it is vital to workout on a regular basis and put the right foods in your body in order to stay as healthy as possible. But in a society …Continue reading →

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Counting Calories

One of the best ways to lose weight is for you to count calories. Making sure that you control the portions you eat and that you don’t exceed the daily caloric limits would help ensure that you won’t be taking in added energy (that gets stored in the form of fat). Here are some basic tips to help you count …Continue reading →

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Use Sunscreen

Summer has just started and the beaches are crowded with people in their trendy summer bikinis and beach shorts. At this most enjoyable season, everyone forgets that the bright summer sun can cause the most damaging diseases — including skin cancer. The only way to truly enjoy is to maximize the use of sunscreen. Here are some tips on buying …Continue reading →

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Dealing with Anaphylactic Shock

Bites and sting can be pretty harmless at first. It can even be solved by simple meds and antiseptic wash. However, some people develop a sever allergic reaction to certain bites or stings. This allergic reaction — or anaphylactic shock can either hit immediately after the bite/sting or a few minutes after. Don’t be caught unprepared. Here are some tips …Continue reading →

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Exercising with Arthritis

Arthritis can be crippling since even the slightest movement can cause pain. However, this should not prevent you from being physcally active, fit and healthy. Exercise can still be done even by people inflicted with arthritis. Here are some tips on exercising with arthritis.

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DIY: Purified Water

When you are on vacation, even the simplest need like purified water may not be readily available. You’re lucky if you are within the city where bottled and tap water are easily accessible. However, this might not be the case if you choose to spend your vacation in a remote island or high up in the mountains. For this situation, …Continue reading →

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Looking for a Gym or Health Club

Having a more active and healthier lifestyle is one of the best decisions a person can make to improve his life. Enrolling in a gym or a health club can provide you the resources you need to further your goal. However, not all gyms and health clubs are equal. Here are some things to consider when choosing a gym or …Continue reading →

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Preventing Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can be a real downer especially during long road trips. Good news is, you can prepare your body to become familiar with motion so that you can enjoy your trip more. Some simple exercises and movements known to prevent dizziness can also prevent possible motion sickness. Before your next trip, try these simple exercises to get your body …Continue reading →

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Tips on a More Refreshing Bath or Shower

Baths and showers always provide a luxurious, soothing and energizing feeling. It can bring you warmth in winter and coolness in summer. It can ease your senses after a long tiring day or jumpstart your body for another day ahead. When properly planned, baths and showers can gie you just what you need. Here are some tips in making the …Continue reading →

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