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Is Bottled Water Safe?

So many of us have turned to drinking bottled water these days, it has an air of safety, and convenience, but the things you don’t know about bottled water might surprise you.

Is all bottled water created equal?

Just like Pepsi and Coke use different recipes for their brands of Cola, water distributors use different sources of water, as well as different purification techniques which differ the quality and content of the water you are drinking.

It has been left up to the consumer to educate themselves and ignore the misleading picture of a waterfall on the bottle and read the actual source and ingredients.

Is Source Important?

Finding real, naturally pure drinking water is hard these days. The U.S. and a few other countries have been lucky to not have had many water quality problems that much of the world faces from time to time. Unfortunately, this is quickly changing as the chemicals and pollutants we once thought harmless have increasingly contaminated our precious supplies of ground water. While city tap water goes through strict Environmental Protection Agency rules, bottled water is monitored by the Food and Drug Association, which while still better than no regulations at all, they do not force the same amount of stringent tests.

Unfortunately, unless you do research, you might just be paying for chemically treated ground water.

I Should Drink Water Though, Right?

Water is a great drink because of the absence of calories, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. Another reason is the benefits of water to your body such as it: quenches thirst, aids digestion, cools your body, flushes out wastes, carries nutrients to cells, reduces risk of kidney stones, lubricates joints, promotes good skin tone, relieves headaches, and helps in weight loss, just make sure you are drinking the type of water you want to be drinking, as you might just be drinking a bottled version of your local tap water, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay $2 a gallon for tap water.

*Note, this article is not to incite fear, but instead to inform drinkers of bottled water to be more vigilant in making sure they know what they are putting in their bodies.



Sculpt Your Plan to Sculpt Your Body

Fitness – a word that evokes either joy or loathing. Exercise and a healthful, balanced diet are necessary for the human body to perform efficiently. No matter your present fitness level, it is vital to workout on a regular basis and put the right foods in your body in order to stay as healthy as possible. But in a society that mandates that your monthly calendar fill up more quickly than your water bottle, what is a person to do? The foods that are fastest to prepare and most readily available are usually the most unhealthy, and, oftentimes, exercise is only an option occasionally. The solution? Be realistic and practical, and choose a plan that works for you.

When it comes to exercise, every fitness plan doesn’t work for everybody. Take the time to explore the endless options. You can choose a fast-paced, high intensity, thirty minute plan to burn fat and sculpt muscle quickly, or indulge in long runs to get your blood pumping. If you have access to a good local trail, invest in a bicycle. Bikes are great because you can use them for training or racing, but you can also use them throughout the day for transportation to work or the store. Walking is also a great way to burn calories. You can even do exercises in your home, such as jumping rope, circuits that include push ups and body squats, or DVD workouts that are widely available in stores, on television, or online. If you need a push, join a gym and hire a personal trainer, or workout with an encouraging friend. Whatever workout plan you choose, make sure you do it at least three times weekly to reap its advantages. And choose something you like. Otherwise, you won’t do it for longer than a week.

Just as important as the way you move your body is the fuel that you put inside of it. Diet is actually quite simple. You should eat every three to four hours, alternating between meals and snacks, starting with a full meal for breakfast. For meals, half of your plate should be comprised of colorful vegetables. The closer to raw, the better. One quarter should be whole grains, such as pasta or rice. Meat servings should be lean and no bigger than the palm of your hand. For snacks, choose fruit, vegetables, or yogurt. Only drink water or healthy teas, and use Monavie as a supplement to fill all the holes. Monavie is a high-density juice made from the purees of such superfruits as blueberries and acai berries.

The hardest part of pursuing fitness is making a plan. Find something that lines up with your schedule, interests, and taste buds, and you’ll be on the road to staying fit for life.

Counting Calories

One of the best ways to lose weight is for you to count calories. Making sure that you control the portions you eat and that you don’t exceed the daily caloric limits would help ensure that you won’t be taking in added energy (that gets stored in the form of fat). Here are some basic tips to help you count those cals.

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Use Sunscreen

Summer has just started and the beaches are crowded with people in their trendy summer bikinis and beach shorts. At this most enjoyable season, everyone forgets that the bright summer sun can cause the most damaging diseases — including skin cancer. The only way to truly enjoy is to maximize the use of sunscreen. Here are some tips on buying and applying sunscreen.

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Dealing with Anaphylactic Shock

Bites and sting can be pretty harmless at first. It can even be solved by simple meds and antiseptic wash. However, some people develop a sever allergic reaction to certain bites or stings. This allergic reaction — or anaphylactic shock can either hit immediately after the bite/sting or a few minutes after. Don’t be caught unprepared. Here are some tips to guide you should anyone near you undergoes anaphylactic shock.

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DIY: Purified Water

When you are on vacation, even the simplest need like purified water may not be readily available. You’re lucky if you are within the city where bottled and tap water are easily accessible. However, this might not be the case if you choose to spend your vacation in a remote island or high up in the mountains. For this situation, you have to improvise. Here are some tips on preparing your own purified water.

(NOTE: Some of these methods are to be done only when absolutely necessary. Try at your own risk.)

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