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3 Tips to Keep Oneself in Good Shape


The battle against weight loss. More and more people are getting into weight loss programs – from diets to gyms, a growing number now think that they have a weight problem. But just because you want to look like a model doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself to death! The sexiest body is a healthy body. Your weight should be in proportion to your height and lifestyle. Waif is so overrated. And ten packs are only for that 300 movie. Be sexy and huggable at the same time.

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Exfoliate to Renew Your Skin’s Glow

Glowing Skin

So you get home, wash your face and go to bed. It’s time to rethink your night rituals and consider one of the most important rituals you’ve been neglecting — exfoliation. Now you ask, “Isn’t washing my face enough?”. Answer: NO. There is a need to exfoliate because dead skin cells are still stuck in your skin. Exfoliation renews your skin and gives it a healthy glow which you need to look naturally gorgeous. Just think, these dead cells clog your pores and that’s the reason your skin looks dull. Take action! Get silky-soft skin now.

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Get Physical through Exercise


Ever wondered why gym has been part of your entire academic life since grade school? The fact is, exercise and sports are vital factors in growing up. After all, you don’t only want to grow up, you also want to grow strong, healthy and fit. Love your body and maintain your well-being by regularly doing some workout. With the growing popularity of gyms, and do-it-yourself exercise videos, you have all the help you need to get started.

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Double-check Your Spa Goals


Who doesn’t want a pair of professional hands to unnerve our tired muscles while we doze off sniffing the aroma of therapeutic oils? Who doesn’t want to spend a whole day being massaged and pampered? Those who have been to spa are more or less addicted to it and those who haven’t are still saving up for it. Make your spa dream come true by knowing what you should know about these highly-popular getaways.

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Reasons to Have a Cup of Tea

Green Tea

One of the most common health tonics, tea, is just too good to be true. It has a strong flavor, it gives a good feeling in your tummy, and what’s more, it’s affordable! Our ancient medicine men have got it right all along that tea is a wonder drink — it is believed to prevent, treat and ease symptoms of various illnesses. Even our modern scientists agree! A cup of tea is good for you. Maybe you should rethink your soda consumption.

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The Beer Vs. Jogging Debate

Beer Bottles

I remember reading some time ago this study that 3 bottles of the golden brew can help control cholesterol as well as jogging (I apologize for the lack of documentation, but I’m sure I read it somewhere). Well, theoretically, there is some grounding to this claim. Moderate guzzling of beer increases the body’s high-density lipoprotein (HDL) which are also known as “the good cholesterol” in some books.

But does this mean that beer should replace exercise? Well, definitely not. While beer raises HDL levels, beer just packs a lot more calories. Exercise raise HDL and burns calories. So don’t you even wonder why exercise gives you sexy abs and not a beer gut.

Doing both doesn’t really doubles the advantage. So the bottom line: drink moderately and responsibly and there’s no substitute to exercise.