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Food for Thought

Technology and Office Communication

Still thinking if you need to updated and/or upgrade your office with new (if not the latest) technology in communication? Here are some factors to help you convince why you do have to:

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Making Decisions

Confused? Lots of options to choose from? Here are some suggestions on how to calmly and rationally make decisions:

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Making Positive Changes in Your Life

There always comes a point or points in our lives that we do serious introspections. These self reflections often lead to a realization that we need to do some change in our lives in order to be happier.

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Resisting Peer Pressure

Adolescence is a tough phase that everyone has to go through. What with all the physical, mental, and emotional changes that are happening all at the same time, it is no wonder that many teenagers become confused. Seeking approval in the family and among friends while being not a kid but not-yet an adult can make anyone prone to doing …Continue reading →

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Exercising Your Brain

The brain like any other part of your body needs constant stimulation so that it won’t lose its sharpness. Here are a few simple tips so that your brain will continue to stay sharp even as you grow older.

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Food for Thought: Risk Taking

Life is full of risks, and that truth makes people cautious and wary about their decisions and actions. This is because taking risks can bring about changes which can make our lives either better or worse. But not taking risks at all can also mean letting good opportunities pass. Here are ways on how you can sort of measure the …Continue reading →

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Food for Thought: Should You Pay More or Less?

When we shop, we almost always try to cart the cheapest in the display. This follows our belief that the price does not necessarily equate with the quality of the product. But there are products where a few bucks can mean a long-term investment.

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More Smart Ways to Lose Weight

Dieting in any form is just so hard to live by and more often than not, we just eat what we crave. It doesn’t help that pigging out is so much fun, especially if you take a nap after. But in our world where beauty is measured with a weighing scale, we have to be very smart about our routines. …Continue reading →

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Food for Thought: Waging War Against Ugly

With the advent of botox, liposuction, nose job and some other nip tucks one might think that women’s perception on what’s beautiful has really taken a dangerous curve. Women go to great heights to make some alterations on their features. It makes me wonder, when women look at the mirror, do they only see their flaws?

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Productivity: Keeping Things Simple

I still believe that there are still a lot of issues in this world that do not need an over-elegant solution. In short, the “Keep it Simple, Stupid” (KISS) principle still holds true. Zen has it that a happy person doesn’t lead a complicated life. There is some truth to this somehow. Just read the tabloid headlines and you’d see …Continue reading →

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