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Selecting beds

Tips On How To Choose The Best Beds

Selecting bedsBuying a new bed can be a surprisingly complicated purchase. Many keen shoppers choose to obsess about the size and whether they should get a king or queen size, but few give a second thought to other important choices that need considering. Beds are the centrepiece of the bedroom, and choosing the right frame and headboard can really emphasise the style of the room. Also, some beds can act as a very practical and multi-functional piece of furniture, rather than just a place to lay your head.

Match Your Décor

The right choice of bed can really complement the decorative choices of the bedroom. Many people don’t think about the style of bed they are going to buy, but there are dozens of different designs. The type of material that has been used for construction can make a big difference, and wood, metal or leather finished bed frames and headboards can match the existing furniture and really perfect the style of the bedroom.

Practicality Before Luxury

Sometimes, practicality has to come before luxury and comfort. Having a mammoth-sized four poster bed may seem like a good idea, but you’ll need a mammoth-sized bedroom to accommodate it. A fold-out futon bed can be a good space saver, and they are perfect for guests who frequently stay over or teenagers who want to add some furniture and personality to their room. Likewise, the little ones may want separate beds in their room, but a set of bunk beds can be much more functional and leave more space for play.

Need Storage?

If you’re stuck for somewhere to store bed sheets or just need a few extra drawers in the bedroom, a divan can be a very functional choice of bed. They are foolproof to put together, and they can easily be moved between rooms or stored away. However, if you’d rather stick to a classic bed frame, one that is high enough to shunt a few plastic box containers underneath can free up room that you didn’t think you needed. For maximum storage space, some beds have built-in Ottomans when the frame is lifted up. The gas-powered frames are easy to open, and they can create lots of under bed storage space.

Set A Price

With great deals on beds only at Tesco, you don’t need to spend a fortune when choosing the perfect bed for you or your family. Browse through different styles and sizes and you’ll quickly realise that you don’t need the biggest and most expensive bed just to get a perfect night’s sleep.

Sort Out Clutter

If you’re like most people, your home is filled with clutter. And your garage is filled with junk and boxes. So is your attic. And your basement. Ever noticed that if you have moved, that you have boxes that remain unopened from your previous abode? All they’ve been doing is taking up space. Here are some ideas to sort out your clutter.

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Making Your Home Elderly-friendly

elderly_friendly_homeAdjustments around the house should be made if ever an elderly relatives decides to visit or live with you. You have to make sure that the house is safe for them and that moving around inside the house will not be too tiring and bothersome. Fortunately, adjustments need not be drastic and extreme. Here are some tips on preparing your home for the elderly.

Have a quick run through of the house and see if there are possible hazards that needed to be dealt with similar to when you are childproofing. Lessen the clutter around the house and keep the pathways clear and wide to prevent any accidents from tripping and falling objects.

Keep the temperature amiable to everyone especially the elderly guests/residents. Older people often have reduced blood circulation and tend to stay put in one place. This makes them more susceptible to the cold even if the weather is not that nippy. Let the thermostat stay within 18.3 to 20 degrees Celsius. Also, make sure that blankets are readily available for their use.

Telephones should be within their reach whenever they need it. Install one beside their bed but do make it easy for them to disconnect the phone whenever they don’t want to be disturbed. Also, opt for phones that have programmable memory. Store all the important numbers such as police hotlines, doctor’s contact numbers, ambulance and other emergency contact details.

Put night lights in different corners of the room and make sure the main switches are easily recognizable. This will make it easier for the older people to walk around at night while others are fast asleep.

Keeping Your Basement Dry

One of the irritating things about home maintenance is keeping your basement dry. Worst case is that your basement gets flooded. While this can be drained (professionally and can be expensive), there’s still the threat of mold (since spores love damp and dark spots). Here’s how you can keep your basement dry.

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Tips on Insect Prevention

Insects and other pests brings germs and bacteria everywhere they go. Also, their bites can cause serious itching and infection. It can be difficult to get rid of them completely but you can prevent them from going near you and all the things you come in contact with. Here are some tips on preventing insects and pests.

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Tips on Rusty Tools

Rust is a natural occurence. One really cannot stop it from happening especially if the environment is conducive to rusting. And yes, even the most expensive tools can turn to rust if not stored properly. Don’t give in to the urge of replacing rusty tools with new ones regularly. Proper handling of equipment will definitely save you from all the trouble. Here are some tips on dealing with rusty tools.

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