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Organizing Food Drives

Are you planning to hold a food drive? Here are some tips and suggestions when organizing one:

Find a local food bank and contact them. They can tell you exactly what items they are short of and they can help you facilitate distribution when you drop off your contribution.

Next, organize your volunteers. Get several members to form a committee. Assign special tasks for each person – it can be advertising, manpower, transportation, logistics, etc. It all depends on how large your food drive you want to be and if your organization has other needs.

With your committee and your volunteers, set a goal for your food drive. This will help you when you start advertising your cause. This will also help motivate your volunteers.

Don’t forget to reward hard work as well. Treat volunteers to a warm lunch or dinner. If you have a budget for it, you can even give them tokens of appreciation. So the next time you hold another drive, the same volunteers won’t hesitate to help again.

Dealing with Failure


Whether it’s about missing a promotion at work or a relationship that has gone sour, failure is always a bitter thing to swallow. But in life, there really are things that you can’t have. All you can do is to accept it and move on. There are better things in the world which you may not discover if you wallow in self-pity. Here are some suggestions on how you can deal with failure:
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Being Mentally and Emotionally Tough


Toughness isn’t all about being physical and macho so that you can bully that geeky kid on the block. By tough we mean being emotionally and mentally strong enough to weather out the challenges that life dishes out. We can all just drown in all of those stories of people just giving up and shutting down. Personally, I have had my fair share of challenges and it’s quite challenging in itself to just tough it out. Here are some points to consider to tough things out when gets, well, tough.

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