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Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy

Most of us treat our pets as real members of the family. They couldn’t imagine the hurt and pain if one of their pets have fallen ill or in danger just like any other human family member or relative. If you feel that you are one of these animal-loving people, try our tips on keeping pets safe and healthy.

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Cat Care Tips

Cats are gaining popularity for being the preferred pets. They can fit in any household whether it may be a big house with a picket fence or a small apartment in the city. Even if they do not crave for much outdoor activity like dogs doesn’t mean they need less care. Here are some tips on cring for our feline companions.

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Cleaning Cat Hair

Cats are cute. They’re adorable and certainly fun to have around. But one thing that can annoy you about them is that most of them shed too much hair.

Rubber will be your best mate here. You can don a pair of runner gloves and run them along the couch and other pieces of furniture. Cat hair will surely stick to the gloves. You can also do this qith a rubber squeegee. Vauum your carpet afterwards.

For beddings, you can try using a lint brush, running it on every inch of your bedding. You’ll see clumps of fur sticking to the brush. You can also use this on clothes such as coats ans sweaters.

Or, you can try cutting a piece of duct tape and place this over left-over strands of fur and pull. Repeat until satisfied with the results.