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Earning Extra Cash

What do you do if you need some extra cash? Here are some ideas on how to earn more dough:

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Small Business Tip: Attract Customers through Creative Displays

Maintaining a shop is a good business when you know how to work it. Of course selling is always the objective but how do you get people to actually buy? Aside from giving out big discounts, what else can you do to make the buyers come to you?

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Small Business Tip: Working the Media During Events

It is not a secret strategy that if you want to make it big in whatever you do, you have to involve the press to get some media coverage. The only problem is, the press is not exactly the easiest kind of people to please. But since you have no choice, you have to do whatever it takes to achieve …Continue reading →

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How to Make a Newsletter

A newsletter is one of the most effective ways of spreading word. You can use it to promote, to preach, to market, or to advertise whatever you want. Organizations and some companies still see some value in spreading the news around. The problem is how you can make one that’s sure to generate your desired results.

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