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How to Add HTML Anchor Links (HTML URL Code)

If you’re webmaster or just want to learn the basics, here is one of the most precise and to the point guides as to how you can add HTML links within your content. There are really two standard ways you can add HTML links. You first need to figure out if you want to give dofollow or nofollow links. Once …Continue reading →

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Happy New Year from LifeSpy

We wish you great health, great careers, and great relationships for the new year! Happy new year, everyone! (We’re a bit busy with the holidays and all but expect regular updates by January 2. Oh and we still have a lot in store for you in 2008.)

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LifeSpy Highlights for 2007

As the year draws to a close, we’d like to reminisce the year that was in the context of this blog. It was a really wild ride for us here. Here are some of the more memorable events that our site went through for the past year. For auld lang syne…

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Happy Holidays from LifeSpy!

  Happy holidays from all of use here in LifeSpy and Bloggy Network!

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Site News: Google Clears LifeSpy

I really don’t know if I’d thank Google. But all they did was rectify a mistake that shouldn’t have happened to the first place. I guess, it’s more of a relief for us not having that “This site might harm your computer mark” under all of the search results pointing to our site. It’s really crazy I tells yah. I …Continue reading →

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Site News: Google Classifies LifeSpy as a Malicious Site

If there’s one thing that this site aims to do is to help people and not harm you guys. We just love our readers too much. And this I don’t get. Checking our daily stats showed a staggering 85% drop in readership for today. Since we know that we place quite well in Google search rankings and get most of …Continue reading →

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Site News: No More Blank Spaces, AdSense Units Back

Finally. After a little of two weeks of having large spaces here and there, Google has finally brought back the ad units for LifeSpy. After the long wait of knowing why the heck the ad units weren’t showing, Google informed us that it’s because of the “mature” content that we had on the site. As a compromise, we took down …Continue reading →

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Site News: No More “Mature” Content

For our loyal readers, you might have noticed the absence of Adsense units on LifeSpy for the past weeks. It’s not that we have scrapped Adsense (the code is still there) but the ads just won’t show up. Tough for us since Adsense is the primary monetization avenue that we have on this site. We had notified Google about it …Continue reading →

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This is the 1,000th Post

Yes, that’s correct, as of this post, there are now 1,000 posts in LifeSpy’s archive. And we have to thank you, our dear readers for giving us the reason to churn out more articles for you to read every day. Let’s see the stats: 1,000 posts, 451 comments, more than 100,000 unique eyeballs, and with around 500 feed subscribers. Yes, …Continue reading →

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WordPress Theme: Illacrimo Widget Ready Version

For all of you that have been wanting a Widget Ready version of the Illacrimo theme, it is finally here. It took some doing, and there are some limitations, but hopefully this will make most of you happy. The limitations are only that the search box, and RSS links cannot be moved from their place. This would disturb the design, …Continue reading →

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