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For Parents: Preventing Cyber-bullying of Your Kids

Cyber-bullying is a new kind of bullying children and teenagers have to deal with. As parents, you should be extra vigilant in keeping cyberbullies from terrorizing your kids. But how do you do this, when the Internet is the perfect place to hide?

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How to Fight the Negative Effects of Peer Pressure

Everyone goes through peer pressure at some point in their life. It’s inevitable that some of our friends will influence our lifestyle, and our opinions. And although the influence we can get can be both good and bad, peer pressure is usually seen as negative because it tends to sway us into what would otherwise be our decision.

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How to Be More Giving


In our world today, all hard-working people who are aiming for success knows that the best way to achieve goals is to be self-serving – making sure that you know your needs and that you meet it and you work overtime to have more than you what you need at the moment. And sometimes we become so preoccupied with our own needs that we have no time to attend to other people’s needs.

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Moving into a Small Town

The most ambitious people live in the city. In your opinion, how true is this statement? The city offers a fast-paced life. This is why people prefer to live here, and yet, this is also exactly why people choose living in a small town. If you’re living in the city and is now considering to move out, you will find that while you’re sure to make major adjustments, living in a small town is not exactly unbearable as you thought it would be.

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How to Avoid Having Bad Neighbors


It’s the neighbors from hell! Seriously, one can really have the worst misfortune of living next door to the most disagreeable people you’ll ever meet. And whereas the rest of the neighborhood just avoids them, you don’t have a choice but to deal with them every waking day of your life. Before declaring an all-out war with each other, here are some tips which might help you get through this crisis.

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Food for Thought: Waging War Against Ugly

Ugly Betty

With the advent of botox, liposuction, nose job and some other nip tucks one might think that women’s perception on what’s beautiful has really taken a dangerous curve. Women go to great heights to make some alterations on their features. It makes me wonder, when women look at the mirror, do they only see their flaws?

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How to Inch Your Way Back to Being Sociable

Chess Men Crowd

There is absolutely no excuse for one person to be aloof. You may think you have a good reason from isolating yourself from the rest of the crowd ( like you refuse to talk to people who don’t speak Klingon or that sort of thing) but you don’t. Whether or not you think yourself as superior to your peers, there are still societal functions you have to fulfill simply because you are a creature who is, ideally, naturally sociable.

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