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RSS Reading versus Site Hopping

I have a confession to make. I don’t really go visiting websites anymore. For the past month, I’ve just been using my RSS feed reader (Google Reader) for most of my daily reads and research. Why not? It’s a very streamlined process to get the low-down on what’s new and fresh without the fuss of having to load. I used …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: The Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

Life is one of those things that you can’t play through “God mode.” But at least in most computing chores, you can. Or at least have a cheat sheet handy. As for Firefox, yes, you can cheat and hack your way through most of the work. I’ve been featuring mostly add-ons and tweaks here that I think I haven’t really …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: Tweak Your Title Bar

Titlebar Tweaks offers a simple feature but it may suffice for those who want to further customize how their browser looks like without the hassles of going down to the level of code. It lets you do any of the following tweaks with your title bar: Display the browser name before the page title Display only the browser name or …Continue reading →

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Web Raid: How to Become an M&M

My sister passed this site to me. Apparently something to keep you busy during office downtimes. I could only wonder if there are people dream of becoming an M&M or even those who think “I wonder what I looked like if I was an M&M.” In any case, if it just so happens that you have wondered so (or if …Continue reading →

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Web Raid: Plan Meetings with the World Clock Meeting Planner

This might come in real handy for those who do a lot of traveling or dealing with clients and personnel abroad. With the different time zones and daylight saving time in effect, scheduling can be a real problem. I’ve already featured some world clocks here before but here’s another tool for your arsenal. The World Clock Meeting Planner is an …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: Make Find Case Sensitive by Default

This may come in handy for those who always look for exact matches including case. Sure you can always just click on the “Match case” check box in the Find bar. But for those who always use the feature, this little tweak will make sure that little box is checked by default. Access the about:config page. Find the accessibility.typeaheadfind.casesensitive preference …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: Supercharge Your Sidebar with All-in-One Sidebar

For those of you who have used Opera, you might miss its great sidebar control features. Firefox is more of a toolbar type of guy and the sidebar’s mostly used up by add-ons and the default options to access the bookmarks or history. I haven’t really tried out this add-on previously but now that I’ve installed it, I think it’ll …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: Display Random Messages

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Tech News: Gmail Allows 20MB Attachments

Great news for Gmail users. Gmail is now allowing bigger file attachments up to 20 MB in size. I know this has been on the news since yesterday but I just finally got it in my account. Here’s the news bit from the Gmail’s What’s New page: Increased attachment limit– 20 MB! Now you can start sharing more of those …Continue reading →

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Tech News: Feedburner Goes to Google

The scuttlebutt has now been confirmed, Web giant Google is acquiring Feedburner, the RSS management service that lets users keep track of RSS feed subscriptions even monetize it through ads. TechCrunch wrote the following story: Rumors about Google acquiring RSS management company Feedburner from last week, started by ex-TechCrunch UK editor Sam Sethi, are accurate and are now confirmed according …Continue reading →

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