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Web Raid: Draw Caricatures Online

Digibody Caricature Maker

Here’s another cool web application (you got to love Web 2.0) that lets you “sketch” things without having to be an artist. Last time, I featured this neat sketching web app – Ultimate Flash Face. Now here’s one with more humor in it – Digibody’s Caricature Maker.

Caricature Maker lets you create caricatures from a preset selection of facial parts – face, nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, and hair. However, unlike Ultimate Flash Face, there’s no option to resize or scale parts so what you got in the presets would be pretty much it. At least it allows you to move them horizontally and vertically.

It allows you to download your finished work in GIF, PNG, and JPG, create mail forms and export codes for BB script and HTML. So as easy as clicking here and there, you have your own caricature that can be used as avatars in IMs and forums. Neat!

How to Self Publish Your Book


It doesn’t matter if you’ve written the great American novel or just want to publish a coffee table book filled with pictures of your cats, you can easily, and affordably self publish your book thanks to the wonders of POD printing.

What is POD mean?

Print. On. Demand.

POD printing is actually making its way through several markets, from t-shirt printing to DVDs, and yes, Books. In all honesty, I imagine POD will be the ONLY way to publish or print small runs of books, dvds, t-shirts, and calendars in the near future.

Just because it is designed for small print runs, though, doesn’t mean that you have to give up on having a high quality product. In the early days of POD printing (you know, a few years go) sometimes the publications looked muddy or cheap, but with the rapid advancement of this technology, you can print ONE COPY of your book that looks as good as anything you’ll find in Barnes and Noble.

Here are some steps to help you get started publishing that masterpiece we already told you how to write.

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Firefox Quick Tip: Keep Tabs Separate


Yes, another post on dealing with tabs. I really think tabbed browsing is heaven-sent, but the default behaviors still need a bit of tweaking. Also, in the later incarnations of Firefox, it’s a good thing you can drag and drop around tabs to reorder them.

If you’re like me who group open tabs (e-mail tabs on one side then news website tabs then research tabs…), you’ll eventually find it hard to keep track of what you’ve got grouped sooner or later.

Here’s Separe, an add-on that places nice orange separators to be placed in between tab groups. Pretty much straightforward to use. What’s neat about it is when you click on a separator you’ll find previews of the tabs in the group.

Download Separe here.

Web Raid: Get Nostalgic with a Web-Based Command Line Interface

20 GOTO 10

Aaah, the days of command line and that darned DOS floppy.

I remember getting to use 286 PCs with CGA monitors and 5 1/4 floppies back in the day (complete with clacky keyboards!). And yup, those where the days when the mouse was a luxury and everything was done using the keyboard (maybe that’s why I grew up to be a keyboard ninja).

Here’s a cool website to get you nostalgic – 20 GOTO 10. Does pretty much a few things like display some information about the developer, display the time and date, wipe the screen clean with the good old CLS.

Nothing much, but really nice for a bit of reminiscing those days when Frogger was as cool as the Nintendo Wii.

Firefox Quick Tip: FishEyeTabs


Here’s a follow-up on the tab scrolling issue. So a good number of us share that same irk (a lot of my friends, Firefox fanatics at that, also hate it). How about an option that somehow makes tabs a bit more bearable, if not, solve that darned tab scrolling?

FishEyeTabs creates that fisheye effect where tabs zoom in as you place your mouse cursor over them. This becomes active when tabs have fully occupied the whole screen. A very nice alternative to tab scrolling indeed!

Download FishEyeTabs here. It’s an XPI file so you can just open it with Firefox and it’ll install by itself.

Web Raid: Another Color Tool for Design

Color Chooser

A while back, I featured ColorJack Sphere – a web tool for picking colors. IMHO, it’s one of the best tools out there especially for graphic artists and web designers as it has a lot of features and options to export schemes to swatches.

For those not so well-versed in design, well here’s what I think is a handier tool that doesn’t require you to understand much about protanopia (a form of color-blindness) and stuff like that – Color Scheme Chooser.

It’s pretty straight-up. Just pick a color, a scheme, tweak some sliders and you’ve got yourself a nice looking scheme. Ideal for those just wanting to pick some nice colors for a newbie blog or website.

Firefox Quick Tip: Tab Scrolling Tweak

Tab Scrolling

While I love tabbed browsing, I do hate scrolling tabs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a useful feature. But I’m a control freak and I love seeing all my opened tabs for easy picking. Here’s how to tweak tab scrolling:

  • Open the about:config page
  • Find the key browser.tabs.tabMinWidth
  • To allow smaller tab widths before scrolling, you can set the number to a smaller number
  • To disable the feature, set it to 0
  • Close the page

Firefox Quick Tip: Need Keywords? Try KGen


Keywords, they say, are overrated. As for me, I get to use them for bookmarking and tagging. In any case, if your mental dictionary meets that occasional bump where you can’t think of a good keyword to describe a page, then better use a keyword generator.

Yeah, yeah. So here I am suggesting another add-on and write about how great it is. But isn’t that the point? So here’s KGen, a neat add-on that collects keyword information about a web page. It takes into consideration the number of times a word appears and the weight (putting words in bold, has a lot more weight on them). It appears as a tool on your sidebar. It lets you copy results to your clipboard for easy copying and pasting.

To use after installation, click View -> Sidebar -> KGen.

Download KGen here.

Firefox Quick Tip: Load Google Talk in Your Sidebar

GTalk Sidebar

Since I’ve consolidated all my contacts in my Gmail account, it has become more efficient for me to use GTalk as IM client. Too bad I have to have the client installed and running. Since I also do a lot of my work through my browser, why not load GTalk in my browser? Sure, Gmail already offers a solution by placing the client integrated with the Gmail GUI. That also means always having a tab open for Gmail.

But how about putting GTalk in the Firefox sidebar. Here’s a couple of ways.

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Firefox Quick Tip: How to Remove the Search Bar’s Magnifying Glass Go Button

Okay, so maybe I was too harsh with the Go button. But I do have to apologize to people who find it useful. It’s just that my circle of friends who are really advanced users never use it (being keyboard ninjas all). Seems like some people over at Forever Geek love the Go button.

In any case, Micah (a poster in the same Forever Geek thread) asked how to get rid of the magnifying glass Go button beside the Search Bar. Here’s how:

  • Open your userChrome.css (Here’s how)
  • Insert this code at the bottom /* This removes the Search Bar Go button */ .search-go-button-stack { display: none !important; }
  • Save the file
  • Restart Firefox