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Save Money on Wedding Receptions

Who says you can’t have the wedding day of your dreams in these lean times? Here are some tips on how to throw a memorable wedding even on a limited budget:

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Plan a More Affordable Wedding

Any wedding is a big event in the context of one’s life but as much as you want to celebrate it, you also don’t want to splurge more than you can. Here’s how to plan for an affordable wedding.

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How to Give a Best Man’s Speech

Delivering a speech on weddings is always terrifying. So many expectant faces, waiting to hear some wisdom–the pressure is just too much! But you can’t back out now; not when you’re the groom’s best friend and the best man. Consider these tips before you bail out.

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Shopping for a Wedding Dress

June’s supposed to be the wedding month but apparently, a lot of people do get married during the winter. I personally know of three people who tied/will be tying the knot. Here are quick guides which can help the bride shop for the wedding dress despite the holiday rush.

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Coping with a Cancelled Wedding Engagement

Should’ve written about this two months ago when there were a lot of happy wedding stories and a few tragic breakups. So many articles have been written about how to say yes to an engagement, and the happy-ever-after that follows it. But what happens when an engagement goes all wrong and even worse – cancelled? Facing the reality of this …Continue reading →

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How to Deal with In-Laws

There’s only one problem which can ruin your chance at a happy marriage, and that’d be the fury of hateful in-laws. So you thought they’re going to like you in the long run? Think again! There’s only as far as you can go for them to like you. Five years after your marriage and still no hugging during family reunions? …Continue reading →

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How to Get Wed in a Budget

Getting hitched in the new year, are you? Lots of things to look forward to – the bliss of a life together, the feeling of settling down and how about the expenses of the wedding celebration? Ah, that one you’re sure to face sooner than later. It might even haunt you if you don’t read this post.

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White Wedding: Get Hitched in Winter

Getting hitched in this weather? Why not? The white frost is just as romantic as it is dangerously biting cold. If you like the idea of having a different wedding style, far from the usual spring-inspired nuptials, then maybe you should book now while it’s still snowing out. Now you can easily have a white-wedding.

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Relationships: When the Girl Pops the Question

Every girl’s fairy tale includes the special day when the man she loves would go down on his knees and pop the question. But what if the girl wants to give the relationship a little twist and do the popping herself instead of just waiting for the guy?

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How to Throw a Bridal Shower

Your best friend getting married? When your best friend is getting married, you know it only means one thing – you have to throw her a bridal shower. But don’t worry; throwing a soiree need not be stressful if you know what to do. So read on. Schedule is everything when you’re deciding on a party. Get a calendar and …Continue reading →

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