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How Much Do You Need for Your Emergency Fund?


If you are trying to plan your savings, don’t forget to put away something for your emergency fund, which is a savings account which you can access during financial emergencies. Usually, the emergency fund should be worth six months of your current salary. Unfortunately, this amount is unrealistic
for most households. So how much should be kept in your emergency fund. Here are some factors to consider when deciding:

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Dealing with Negativity

Angry Lemon

Sometimes, even if you try to keep an upbeat and optimistic outlook in life, there are other people who just won’t quit trying to get you down. Yep, these negative-thinking people aren’t just contented with being miserable, they want to make others miserable to boot. sure, you can try to help them but if they don’t want to be helped, the least you can do is to protect yourselves from their negativity.

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