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What Not to Do at Work

A lot of people complain about how boring or how stressful their jobs are. But have they ever thought that they may not be model employees themselves? Here’s a checklist of some of the things that¬† you shouldn’t do at work. If you find yourself ticking away, then perhaps you ought to stop complaining and start cleaning up your acts.¬†


Extend Your Notebook’s Life

Computer notebooks aren’t exactly the least expensive of things, yet they are the most used gadgets by many. Here are some ways on how to extend your notebook’s life so you won’t have to replace it more than you have to:


Getting over Your Fear of Public Speaking

There are those who are born public speakers, while there are others who are in the other end of the spectrum. Some people just find the idea of getting in front of an audience to say a few words a nightmare. Here are some things you can do to help alleviate your fear of public speaking:


Getting to Your Goals

Goal setting is not just deciding on which goals to take. There is quite some time and effort needed to make sure that you set the right goals and get there. You can even say that there’s a science to it. Here are some tips on how you manage your goals properly to ensure success:


Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans

A pair of jeans is one of the most versatile clothing ever invented. No matter what your figure is, there will always be a pair that will fit perfectly for you:


No, Thank You. I’m Full

It’s so easy to say, “No, thank you. I’m full.” But it’s a totally different thing if your tummy is still enjoying itself. Thing is, stuffing ourself full is quite unhealthy. Here are some ways on how to keep your cravings reduced to a minimal level and thus prevent food stuffing:


Should You Upgrade or Not?

Are you planning to upgrade your company’s computer system? Before you do just that, you’d better consider some of these factors first:


A Spic-and-Span Bathroom

A lot of people find bathrooms (whether their own or other people’s) the least desirable place when house cleaning. Here are several tips on how to make this chore a lot easier:


Teaching Your Kids the Value of Money

It’s never too early to teach your kids the value of money, especially of honest, hard-earned cash. This way, you won’t wake up late at night, ten years from now, worrying for your son or daughter who has been caught in some financial trouble. Here are a few tips on how to instill financial common sense to your children:


Vacationing with the In-Laws

You get along with your in-laws? Great! But does that guarantee you a wonderful vacation? Well, just try to be on the safe side and don’t try to turn the dream vacation into the holiday straight from hell. Here are some tips you might want to look into before you pack the sunscreen (or ski poles) and go off with …Continue reading →

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